Pumping #Oxy Indie Rockers in our Garage

There they are - the four OXY band members -  strumming and drumming away as if they are the only people on this planet. So we listen to their songs and their passions, knowing that this is their little heaven.
Oxy in Action at the Russian, Durbanville

There are days when we enjoy the raw sounds coming from the garage and then there are days we want to switch them off! 

They are young and energetic and they want to move the world. They have more self-confidence I had at their age. Isn't this one of the beauties of the new-age kids with their hi-tech gadgets, their gutsy ways to try anything?
Oxy boys with their friends and family

When I hear the sounds of laughter and their loud voices, I know they have blocked all of us out of their world of music. They are their own community where the only rules are determined by the notes that are given birth by their various instruments.

 I take my hat off to the #Oxy Rockers. They have not succumbed to the world of drugs , the scourge that plagues the neighbourhoods and the spaces where teens like to be.

Rock on OXY... this is how UB 40 and all the greats started... 


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