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Breast Cancer Awareness Photo Exhibition is on at the Youngblood Art Gallery in Cape Town

Darren Francis , a Cape Town-based photographer, has his Breaking Dawn photo exhibition on at the Youngblood Art Gallery during the month of September. Breaking Dawn Photo Exhibition The Breaking Dawn photo exhibition is Darren Francis's contribution to breast cancer awareness. Breaking Dawn affirms the women who are or who have been confronted with breast cancer. The portraits capture the various emotional and physical complexities that breast cancer sufferers experience. Yet, despite their roller coaster journey with breast cancer, women show amazing resilience and spiritual strength. This, said, Darren, was what he wanted to portray as well. Darren Francis, the photographer, and Dr Jenny Edge, the breast surgeon and breast cancer awareness campaigner. The opening of the Breaking Dawn Photo Exhibition was attended by Dr Jenny Edge, a breast surgeon, the sponsors of the exhibition and the women who were invited to be the subjects of the Breaking Dawn exhibit

Spending a morning on Kloof Street, Cape Town

Spring has sprung and Kloof Street was our local playground for about two hours. Kloof Street is a buzzing, colourful street. There are so many different restaurants and watering holes that suit various pockets. Parking is difficult to find because it seems everybody flocks to Kloof Street on a Saturday morning. Basil enjoying his R20 breakfast at Mixas. Basil and I chose Mixas Restaurant to have our breakfast.  The attraction to Mixas was the big chalkboard that shouted "Breakfast for R19,90". For your R20,00, you get two eggs served according to your tastes, a smattering of salad and two slices of toast. Then you can choose two other items from the menu to complete your breakfast. Both of us chose bacon, I chose a pork sausage while Basil settled for mushrooms.  Well, let's be fair. Although I had visions of layers of crispy bacon and sausage filling my plate, the price tag justified the miniature portions. The warm service by our waiter, Mike and the beaut