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Teenagers and their mothers

The Jupiter generation having a super chilled time here. We are not even going to debate a mother's love for her children. That's a given. But, pray, why do MOTHERS always have to deal with the moodswings of their teenagers and young adults? You know the rage that resembles the Red Spot madness on planet Jupiter? That's the one I am talking about. At least Jupiter's hurricanes have a scientific basis to explain why those storms have been swirling about for the past 400 years. The core trigger that activates our young people's moodswings is laughable in comparison.  The only thing moms have to do is ask for cooperation in the home. When you dare ask them to organize their spaces, you will set yourself up for  The Rant, The Sulk  and then the Big Ignore. Packing away laundered clothes is a sore point in our home. I like the clean laundry to be out of sight as soon as possible, while my three young adults don't see the laundry in the first place.  Those

Our midweek breakaway at the Caledon Spa in the Overberg.

Basil and I had a fantastic breakaway at the Caledon Spa hotel. It has always been his desire to visit the Caledon Spa as a guest and not as a visitor to the casino. So, luckily for us, the Caledon's Spa Midweek special was on and off we went to the Overberg. The Caledon Hotel, Spa and Casino trio meet the needs of most of local tourists or the stay-vacationers as I believe, we are called nowadays. View from Da Vinci's restaurant.   Before we look at the Caledon Spa delights, let me just say this about midweek breakaways. Midweek breakaways are fantastic because these are the added treats: You get value for money because the same holiday could cost you twice as much. There are fewer people so the the atmosphere is more chilled and you can pretend the place belongs to you! Guests become familiar faces and you will find yourself greeting one another wherever you meet up. You may also meet interesting folk during your time there. Now on to the Caledon

The joys of simplicity

Our Princess Bella relaxing on the table Bella, our pitbull terrier, is sometimes more human than her family. I had just arrived home, kicked off my shoes and raced to the back of the house. I needed to sit in the shade because the day was baking. Of course, Bella had already sprinted to our favourite spot under the Brazilian pepper tree canopy. While I was making myself comfortable, Bella was ready to doze off. She eyed a spot on the table and there our Princess lay in the dappled shade, surrounded by all the trinkets. She wanted comfort, shade and companionship. That's it. Aah... the joys of simplicity...

We spent a weekend exploring West Coast towns

We decided to spend a weekend exploring West Coast towns that we have not visited before. The West coast is a wonderful place to explore if you just have a weekend to spare. We found the perfect accommodation that is reasonably priced at Juffroushoogte Guest Farm. Juffroushoogte Guest Farm Juffroushoogte Guest Farm is situated in Vredenburg on the R45. We booked into the 4-sleeper self-catering unit that reminds one of a farm laborer's cottage. The facade is a rough, plastered flat-roofed building and the interior is sparsely, but adequately equipped with all the necessities. Our self-catering cottage on the left. The friendly owners and the quiet setting were perfect. There is a lodge on the premises as well, but I was glad we chose the self-catering facility with its privacy. The Saldana-Sishen railway line runs behind the farm and we could see the neverending train transporting carriage loads of iron ore to the Saldana port that lies about 10 kilometers from V