Local South African Music is Lekker

What an enjoyable evening was had at the Grand Arena, Grandwest Casino in Goodwood. The  line up of local artists who grew up in our backyard , were all on stage and there was just one big jol.  Music Alle Kaap is a celebration of Zane Adams's 50 years as a muso.

All of them were there. Zayne Adams was the lead star and sharing the stage with him were: Little Ronnie Joyce, Richard John Smith, Vikki Sampson, Sophia Foster, Karen Kortje and many more.  Real stunning, stunning stuff. Little Ronnie Joyce still has that amazing voice and Richard John Smith cut a smart figure in his black tuxedo.  So different from the good ol' days of Afro's + comb and platform shoes.

Aaaaaah man... they kept us, all 16,000 of us, entertained and getting us to shriek like teenagers caught in adult bodies.

There were the familiar Give a lirrrrrrrrrra love ( Zayne Adams) and Michael rows the boat ashoooooooore ( Richard John Smith) and da lion roooooars tonight (Little Ronnie Joyce) to get the warm glow of familiarity caressing our bods.

And, of course, Vikki Sampson, with African Dream, just did it for me...... 

Karen did her Shirley Bassey numbers just as Shirley would have wanted her to do them. 

Yes, we were taken down memory lane from the backstreets of Retreat, to the rocking hot clubs of  Mannenberg and all the way to Josies at times.

Lekker, lekka stuff...


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