2012 Youth Jazz Festival at Artscape

Jazz with style and charm

Marlene Le Roux with the Seven Jazz Musicians
The 2012 Youth Jazz Festival was an electrifying sound mix of melody, rhythm and harmony. We were taken on a Jazz journey for more than two hours, willingly being transported by the four-piece ensemble and seven young musicians.
Ian Smith and the musicians

There wasn't a single 'yawn' moment. The guitarists and saxophonist teased and coaxed our bodies in rapturous moves, the pianist dazzled and the vocalists seduced all our senses. And then there was Ian Smith - master trumpeter and the epitome of showmanship with quips that flowed just as effortlessly.

Whitney Olivier singing Feeling Good.
Vocalist Whitney Olivier got my biggest vote; she was brilliant with her rendition of "Feeling Good".  The Mondale High Student from Mitchell's Plain, is destined for greatness.

The show was one glorious experience of soulful, smooth jazz. We salute Artscape, especially Marlene Le Roux, for creating such professional platforms for our talented, budding musicians.

Yes, We Feel Good...

Snapshots of the Jazz Festival


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