Camping at Goudini

Our Camping den at Goudini Spa
Campa-logue at Goudini

23 June

Finally, we have arrived at our destination, Goudini Spa, in the heart of the Breede Valley.

We are on Camp for the next week. Stunning weather and perfect for camping. We know we are going to experience all the seasons in this short week, but what the heck??

 We set the scene with a solid campfire, sausage and chicken braai with a Chinese dominoes league game. Lekka…

Chinese Dominoes Camp League game in progress

24 June

Well, today it is raining; that soaking kinda rain. But for now, after 2 hours at the indoor pool and a chicken sarmie to keep the metabolism running, I am ready to soak up Achebe’s Arrow of God – second reading especially brought along to tackle while in the outdoors.

Sasha, Christo, Nazeer and Riko weighing up the options for the day

June 25

Just love the idea of knowing our week- long camping in the caravan park here at Goudini costs us the price of 1 night in the Rondawels, 0.75 of the cost in the Boland homes and possibly like a freebie compared to the Slanghoek homes. Justa thought for those who cannot stomach living in a tent lmao... Ur missing out Guys... Life is too short to give way to modcons only.   I know... I know... I am stirring...

Afternoon update

Eish... It is cold here but we are quite happy to rough it. Life just seems SO much more interesting when you experience all its nuances. Now, to clean our tent, dry the wet clothes and just chill...

My facebook friends who follow the Camping log, scream " Mad! Insane! How can you camp in such weather???  We enjoy their outrage and wonder how they are coping in their cold spaces anyway. Here we can make a fire and we can don all kindsa clothes like a scarecrow and no-one gives a hoot.

June 26 

The sun is out and so are the dark clouds here in our tented village. Oops... Sun winked and now there's soft rain falling. And the boys are cooking today. An onion just left the tent to the fireplace. So let's see what's cooking. Their idea of breakfast was  lightly salted Simba crisps  sarmie eaten with such relish I almost traded my salmon toastie... 

Afternoon update

Its raining men... HaLlulaja... Its raining men ahaha - that's if the raindrops have gender, Lol. We're in for a good ol' soak. Even the animals have taken cover. Our offspring are, of course, swimming somewhere 'cos they say water is water and being in the rain or in the pool - same difference. Yebbo, they know how to make the most of moments. Me? I am ready to hit the sack for a while.
All the cuzzies chilling - on phone, watching movies on PC or just enjoying their own thoughts

 Night call...

The tropical storm has reached us here as well. The caravan and tent stand like British guards - stoic and stubborn in the rain. There seems to be a bit of strain on one section of the tent roof where the drops start appearing seductively.  A bucket comes to the rescue, just in case we have an unsolicited waterfall in the middle of the tent. 

There is no need to panic though. Everybody is safe and sound in their beds: the children on the blackberries, my granddaughter, Tanika watching her movie and I am updating my facebook and reading the titbits of others who complain of the cold, icy weather - nogal while they are in their homes which they did not want to leave in the first place!

June 27

The Camp Village is abuzz. The communal washing lines are filled with brand new linen and all the camping chairs - lyk oek brand new - are neatly arranged outside the tents. And here from the comfort of my bed, I can hear the Aqua-robics going beserk ... Can imagine the frenzy of storm-affected jollers kicking the tepid pool waters! There goes "Glory Glory Hallelaluja with a Rock drum beat. Camp life is the Bomb...

And, it is Riko’s birthday. My godchild is now a handsome 15 year old – tall and lanky and ever so shy.  He thoroughly enjoys the physical exploits and will happily swim, play soccer, run up the mountain. Every morning he is the first to start the campfire – and within minutes there are coals to cook for the entire troupe of campers. Not bad for a teenager.  He is one talented young man but try telling him that then you are given a coy smile and he would fold his body in such a way that screams ‘shyness’.  That’s my boy!

Riko - the Mountain Conquerer and here we are - admiring the aerial view of Goudini  as well.

June 28

Today is the 2nd last day in the tented village. The sun is out and our feathered friends are hopping around the campsite - hulle voel vere virrie mense, soesie Kapenaars se. I hear the same music coming from the poolside- just waiting for "you've got the moves like Jagger" then that's the tone for the day. Done showering and waiting for the day to unfold here...

Afternoon update

Caravan Park tucked away in an arbor barely visible from the top.
Sista fun - giving dollops of Peace to all...
Right, I conquered the hill where the name of Goudini Spa reigns proudly. You do it one step at a time if you have my fitness level. And to add to the marvel, you take panoramic shots. That was so enjoyable! And since my Camping home is becoming depleted - of food and family - hot potato chips - done on open fire -  are probably on the menu. And, the rest of the day must just happen now...

Sasha doing some Tarzan moves while waiting for supper 
June 29

Last day in Tented Village. Summer left us again and here we have rain falling ever so softly. So today is an indoor cooking day- scrumptious scrambled eggs, topped with dollops of cheese and toast.  Then later this afternoon, I will be packing slowly to prepare for homeward bound.Thank goodness we trekked up the hill yesterday 'cos it would have been a pity to round off this camp without doing the short hike.

One of the springboks on the resort 

June 30

Sun setting over Goudini Spa

Our Goudini Spa Camping escapades have come full circle. We are back in the REAL world - at home with the SAME cold and rain.Now it's back to the humdrum of cooking, cleaning and laundry. It is always good to escape from these mundane tasks and live with abandon at times. 

Basil, Brett and Sasha bonding at the Campfire

Camp week at Goudini was indeed fun. And our definition of fun? Have no expectations - allow each one's rhythms to dictate the flow of time, action and events while you are on holiday  - you are your own pacesetter, your own dream-maker on camp. Whenever I forget this guiding principle, Brett, Christo and Sasha will remind me in a familiar voice that I think I know only too well - "it's for the expeeeerience, Mum, it's a life experience...

Now for the next trek to a camping site with fires, grass, birds, ablution blocks, living out of a suitcase and doing a whole lotta nothing...  for the rejuvenation of the soul if nothing else...


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