Tribute to Eddie Lewin, My Brother-in-law

Today was a sad day for the Lewin Family. We lay our brother to rest after a short, sharp battle with cancer.

I was greatly honoured to pay tribute to Eddie who has been a pillar of strength to his family and the extended family.

I chose to share two extraordinary qualities Eddie possessed and the life lessons we have learnt from these.
And here follows a snapshot of the tribute.

Eddie with his grandchildren - always at the ready to entertain his grandchildren

Eddie, the Master builder of relationships.

Eddie was able to embrace people from all walks of life, from the young to the old, from the poor to the super rich. That was just the way he was. He was a real down to earth guy; what you saw is what you got. Because of his caring and sharing nature and being a natural nurturer, he kept his family - Geraldine and their four strappy sons - together as a unit. Raising children is difficult. We see how broken families are and how children are neglected or abused by their parents. Not so with Eddie. Although he will be the first to acknowledge that his sons were no angels and one or two of them went through some dark, dark periods, Eddie never abandoned them; never deserted them. During his last winter with us, Eddie's sons reciprocated the love, care and protection in dollops to their Dad. Nothing was too much for them. Their sensitivity, their unselfishness and their generosity knew no bounds.

Eddie and his deep faith

As Eddie grew older, one experienced his growing wisdom. There was such an acceptance of what he experienced, be it happiness or setbacks.

I recall how 16 years ago, Eddie was a victim of a vicious assault. He had to undergo major brain surgery to remove a blood clot. He also spent 28 days in a coma. Doctors prepared the family for the worse - should Eddie regain consciousness, he may not be the same man; he may also have lost his long term memory. Then one day, Eddie just woke up and started talking- normally!  I think the doctors must have been so surprised, they may easily have gone into a coma from shock.

And recently, when Eddie received the devastating news of the fast, sharp cancer he was diagnosed, he too quickly snapped out of his grieving and accepted his destiny with a spiritual maturity that demands one's awe.

Go well, Eddie

Such is the legacy my brother-in-law left us.  Go well, Eddie; you deserve to continue your spiritual journey with your Maker now.
Greg, Basil and Eddie chilling on Greg's patio during the festive season.


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