Our stay at Duinepos Chalets in the West Coast National Park

We decided to have a bush experience in the West Coast National Park. We booked for an overnight at the Duinepos self-catering chalets in the West Coast National Park. These chalets with their earthy colors mirror the various colors of the abundant plant species on the west coast. The chalets are spacious and beautifully equipped with all the modern trappings - perfect for city dwellers who want to have a bush experience without roughing it.

Once we had settled in, we went on our nature drive through the park. On our way to our car, Basil encountered a mole snake, sunning in the short pathway. Fortunately, I was last in the queue and missed seeing our weekend neighbour slithering into the greenery after its human encounter! Of course, I moaned (not convincingly though), that I had missed a photo shoot moment.

Our drive was a feast for the eyes. There is a kaleidoscope of vistas in the West Coast National Park. There are rolling plains of fynbos against a backdrop of either hilly landscape or of the Langebaan lagoon. We saw some game grazing in the distance, a number of tortoises along the roadside, a few ostriches in between the shrubs and even one taking a leisurely stroll along the road on our way back to the chalet. If you want to drink in all the spectacular vistas, Seebrug lookout point is your perfect spot.
While we braaied for supper, two wild fowl paid us a visit. They scratched between the patches of grass, looking for some tasty morsel left by some camper, I suppose. Then we just relaxed, enjoying the silence because there are no televisions and even the phone signals are intermittent.
Needless to say, we must always have some drama. When we returned from our drive which took us to Langebaan as well, Basil locked the car keys in the boot of the car! After a quick phone call to Brett, our eldest son, we received a visit from him and his 'lil' family as a bonus when they brought us the spare car keys from home in Cape Town!

That was a super breakaway with a difference. If we should visit Duinepos again, I would love to do one of the hikes there as well.


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