Meet South South Africa's Road walkers, Johan and Jessica

Johan with Jessica in the backpack
While driving through Kleinmond, we see Johan and his dog, Jessica, taking a leisure walk. Jessica is content to sit in the backpack, watching fellow strollers or nuzzling in her master's neck.
The pair has just returned from Lambert's Bay, then popped in at Kraaifontein before moving on to Betty's Bay. And here, this afternoon we meet the free spirits in Kleinmond. I asked Johan where they are actually walking to.
"We just walk", Johan says laughingly. "This is what we do, we walk. Today we are going down to the lagoon for a photo session. I am all over, in the museum here at Kleinmond and on Facebook. We just walk ma'am, for a donation. I am originally from Kleinmond, I had my share in life, that stuff (hands gesturing), hut that was then, now we just walk."
Johan is such a friendly guy, we don't even hesitate to give the "walking donation". It is refreshing to meet a wanderer.
While chatting to us, Johan is stroking Jessica lovingly."Jessica is my life, says a smiling Johan. "This bag is filled with more of her stuff. I would rather do without something than not carry Jesica's things.

After some more small talk, we greet like old friends and we continue our drive while Master and dog (or friends for life, rather), "just walk".

Just walking


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