Our Camping neighbours are in Kleinmond by default


Our youngsters with the three sisters going nowhere slowly


This is our first night at The Kleinmond Caravan Site and already our circle is getting bigger. On the plot next to us, we have three beautiful lively sisters who have discovered the camping site by chance. They tell us that they left Cape Town this morning, went to Hermanus and then went skinny dipping in the lagoon at Onrus.


"What is this place called, asked Melissa, a chatty, friendly person.

Soon after I had said we are at Kleinmond, Melissa continues.


"We were going to drive home, but then we bought dome firewood,some disposable socks and yep, this is where we will be tonight. Tomorrow, we have no idea what it holds.


"Yep," chipped in Nats. " We are going nowhere slowly. We don't have responsibilities like husbands and children, so we can do as our mood dictates. This is the first time we have tried this, but this will definitely not be the last.


"Yes, "said Melissa. We are meeting so many people like this. Just imagine, if we had not done this journey we would not met you guys and the friend who was already comfortable there ( pointing to "friend", looking slightly taken aback with our whole crew converging on the cosy fire.)


In no time the young free spirits of our camp joined the three sisters and their new friend, laughing and singing along like old friends. This is the beauty of communion, of comraderie. When we are willing to suspend our stuffiness and invite companionship, amazing things can happen.


Disposable socks displayed!

So while I listen to the chatter next door and the strains of jika ma jika from the comfort of my bed, I feel content. This is one of the joys of camping. You never know who or what is going to enrich your life while you explore the beauties of the outdoors.




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