Sometimes we need our own space to shut out the noise

When I saw this lonely bird sitting there on the branch, I wanted to give it a high five. There were no ear-shattering noises coming from this goose today. Today was its time to reflect and enjoy its solitude. Soaking in the views from the comfort of its perch.

Don't all of us long for quiet spaces where we can cut ourselves off from all the noises?

 The world is far too noisy. I am not talking about the usual city noises that attack our ears all the time. Those sounds are mere products of the busyness we have created for ourselves. Somehow I can deal with such activity and sounds because we can block these out. We have a measure of choice here.

The noises which are most disturbing and that trap us, are those that crawl on our skins and invade our thoughts. The ones that come from people, from their mouths, their body language and their actions. Those utterances and actions that drown out sensibility, honesty and integrity.

Zapiro's latest cartoon captured this increasing wave of anarchy that is gaining momentum: we didn't hear, we didn't know, we didn't see... So, we will continue smiling while we are lying, conniving instead of leading and keeping quiet instead of speaking up. This is how we feed the noise.

We need our own happy,quiet spaces to shut out the masquerades.


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