Popping in at The Pallet Furniture Maker en route to the Voting Station

Brian, the pallet furniture maker

Today there is a spring in my step because we are having our national elections today. I use my vote whenever we have elections. My vote on the national and provincial ballot papers have awesome power because those crosses speak volumes and are recognized and acknowledged more than my physical presence! Why people think up all kinds of reasons not to go to the polls really baffles.


So, on my way to the voting station here at the Southfield library, Brett, our firstborn, first takes me to Brian, the pallet furniture entrepreneur close to our Voice venue. In front of Brian's house we see a set of outdoor furniture made of pallets that have been whitewashed. There is a two-seater bench, two buxom chairs and a coffee table. Beautiful outdoor seating to transform any courtyard or backyard into an appealing entertainment zone. I am such a sucker for handcrafted stuff, especially if it is borne from the sweat of those who promote conservation, make a living from recycling and who can bring joy to others who can use and appreciate their handiwork.

The veggie planter with its organic glory


Brian explains that he made a prototype bench and a planter from pallets for his home. That is when the entrepreneurial bug bit him.


"I realized that using pallets to make furniture to sell was a good idea. So I got out my tools and started knocking furniture pieces together. And ja, here is the evidence,ready to find a new owner, " said Brian. The other draw card is that Brian's prices are reasonable. He just wants to earn some money, not build an empire to show off. I like that.


Soon after, I was already the owner of the planter-in-the making. There was the new addition to our backyard, in the queue, waiting for its final touches. Brian's own planter makes me jealous. The bright red chillies, the healthy spring onions and the broad-leafed celery fill the pallet veggie planter and scream 'wholesomeness'. Brian looks sheepish when I tell him I want slips of the veggies when Brett collects my mini-farm. Tough when you gave to deal with such walk-in customers, I say, but blame it on my son and the detour we took before going to vote.


After meeting Brian's wife, Arilyn ( "Marilyn without the 'M' says Brian), we round up our conversation and off we go to the voting station.


That was a fun way to spend an hour this morning; voting with greater determination so that all my fellow South Africans can have basic human rights like jobs and homes.


Aluta Continua!



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