Flying fun with my window-seated companion on Kulula

Aerial view from Cape Town a International airport


Levona and I flew to Johannesburg for my brother in law, Finga Mitchell's funeral, on our National Elections Day. As luck would have it, we were separated on the flight. That's when your virgin flying becomes exposed, you see. We booked online and got a good deal with Kulula. Much better than traveling by car for a minimum of 16 hours! But we don't know some of the flying secrets that many flyers know.

Right, we boarded and I sat between two real gentleman. The one sitting in the aisle seat helped shove our carry-on bags in the overhead cabins. Small spaces, I may add. It's like traveling in a taxi from Wynberg to Retreat with your shopping shoved between your legs. Only here it is in neat cabins. Just like our caravan, I'd say.

I am sure sardines have better accommodation. My elbows are placed neatly next to my pancreas and part of a kidney, I think. Wanna have a pleasant trip, but it may be a bit tricky...

While I am trying to keep to my own space, my window passenger gives me a sideways glance while playing on his cellphone:

"Only folk who voted can sit in this seat, he says.

"Cool", I say, "then we speak the same language."

We show off our black mark of honour and start making small talk.

I learn the following:

1. Flyers like me and Levona are known as sexy flyers. You just fly in and out.

2. There is no business class on the budget planes. Okay, good to know we are all equal in the air.

3. You check in online as early as possible if you want a preferred seat. Just declare you have no inflammables and there you go.

I tell my aero coach about my first flight in the nineties and my fascination with the Vaal River. And my excitement when the plane takes off. His eyes and open smile show he can appreciate these pleasures even though he is a frequent flyer. Shoh, what a life to fly up to thirteen times in a week at times!

Next I want an aerial photo taken through the ant-sized window. My fellow traveller offers to take the pic, pointing the phone camera in all angles to get a few interesting pics.

I definitely got more than I bargained for en route to Desiree and my adorable nephews. Who said our country has gone to the dogs when there are such warm, down -to -earth folk a couple of centimeters from one? It's not about the money or the status for fellow South Africans like the two seasoned flyers I was sandwiched in. The rainbow nation goodwill from the guys is there for the taking.

Lesson 4.

Just be you and the world will embrace you...

I love my country. I love our nooks and crannies and the characteristic warmth we exude.

Now, I am going to try the biltong I bought from the glorified vendor wearing a Kulula uniform. Mind you, perhaps those guys at the robots or at the stadiums should be reminded that their fellow workers send their love from the turbulence we are experiencing now just over Kimberley!

Aunts and nephews in playful mood



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