Celebrating Ma Lewin's 87th Birthday as she gives her own drum beat

Ma and a few of her grandchildren

Ma, my mother-in-law, celebrated her 87th birthday today, looking so radiant and full of life still.

Ma and a few of her grandchildren

Ma is actually 88 years old, but the authorities made a mistake when they issued her birth certificate and identity document many, many years ago. After trying to fix this mistake, Ma eventually gave up. She now follows the date on her ID. Kathy, my sister-in-law, explains that her mother-in-law, gained a year, also because of a Home Affairs error. Those were the days at Home Affairs when people's names were either misspelt or changed if the person recording the name could not pronounce or spell the name.


Claude, Ma's grandson and pastor of a church, gave a beautiful service and then we tucked into all the delicious treats. Ma was delighted because she was surrounded by her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and her friends whom she had known for many, many years.


Ma has been a pillar of strength for the family throughout the ages. She always fussed when someone is having difficulty, always ready to lend a hand. She loves knowing what her grandchildren are doing and tells whoever is willing to listen, about her wonderful grandchildren. She laughs easily, finding something amusing in what many would regard as dull and boring.


Besides Ma's strong Christian faith,I think her childlike quality and her generosity are two qualities that endear her to most people, young and old alike. Our children are a case in point. Today when they heard the family is having a party for their grandmother, Brett cancelled his beach outing and braai, Christo decided he would rather sleep when we return home (he had spent the previous night partying and surfing the morning!) and Sasha said she would study her Accounting the evening. This is the magnetism that Ma has - the power to bring family into the circle!

Ma with Brett, Christo and Sasha

Thanks, Ma, for being such an awesome model for all of us. Thanks for showing us how to love and nurture relationships, how to care and support others, how to be kind to ourselves and how, when your faith is unwavering, life's knocks are cushioned for you. We thank God for blessing us with someone like you to help us become better people.


You live life fully. No half-filled glass or an obsession with the dark and dreary. Continue giving us the drum beat, Champion Mother and Grandmother of the Lewin Family...

Ma with a few of her lifetime friends.




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