Camping rules

Seasoned campers like Lynn cannot enjoy their own music

If you want to maximise your camping experience, don't be a spoilsport. Just stick to the rules. Your neighbour is a tent flap away from you and you will invariably bump into many of your temporary neighbours at the communal ablution facilities. That is how intimate and relational camping is.

Below are turn -offs that give camping a bad name:

1. Miserable, aloof people.

These folk move around the camp as if it is a leper colony. They can barely greet and almost choke when you acknowledge their presence. I am convinced they need therapy for all those strained neck muscles when they get home.

2. The Blaring unsolicited resident deejays.

This group often overestimate their role as bridge builders at the camping resort. Their music blares non stop and they drown out the music of all other campers. I can imagine how frustrated others may feel who made an effort to organise their camp music and their music equipment.

3. The uncouth Cussing Gang

This group have forgotten their mother tongue. They are aggressive and loud, swearing at one another during their normal conversation. They are a big no -no and deserve to be served a salted pepper mix.

4. The Nagbags

These negative nellies complain from the minute they set foot at the camping resort. They will complain about babies crying, children rising too early in the morning, people who laugh too loudly and people who snore every night. Where do these people come from and why do they torture themselves to have a holiday at a public campsite where normal people go?

Now let's consider the rules that make camping one of the most affordable, family-friendly activities.

Rule 1: Respect others, be tolerant and enjoy your comraderie with family and friends.

Rule 2: Don't be a jerk, as described in points 1-4 above.

Rule 3: Maximise your time in the outdoors by dancing to the rhythms of camp life.

If you honour these camp life rules, you can join our camping tribe anytime.


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