Don't ignore the signs of burnout and follow a plan to combat it in future

Do you feel you can't shake off that exhaustion even though you are on holiday? If this is the case, the reality is that you are suffering from burnout. Many of the symptoms of burnout were there throughout the year, but you probably dismissed those early warning signs.


There are two reasons why you don't see yourself as a sufferer of burnout.

Firstly, you may not know how to recognize the symptoms of burnout. You may have accepted being tired constantly because of work overload.

Family demands frustrate you, you ignore spending time with friends and your conversations are mainly about work. This preoccupation with work after hours and the absence of fun and quality time with family and friends are all telltale signs of burnout.


Secondly, you may be in denial. You tell yourself that it is normal to feel wasted at the end of the year. You may also play the blame game and identify everybody else as causing you undue stress and not take responsibility for your own role in feeding the stressors in your life. So, how can you stop this downward spiral and restore a healthy lifestyle?


The reality is that burnout is not going to disappear after a three week break from work. If you want to take charge of your life, be prepared to work hard at breaking bad habits. You have to make a few important life changes. The operative word is balance. If you want to be a high performer at work, you have to be in the best form spiritually, physically and mentally.


Here are tips that can help you to go from 'burnout to brimful with life':


1. Feed your soul.


Deepen your understanding and the practice of your faith. I find that knowing my God centres me and provides me with a compass in life. Your faith will anchor you when you feel overwhelmed and confused.


2. Lighten up and invest in yourself.


Get out of your comfort zone and do things that can help you grow personally and professionally. Revive an old hobby or start a new one.Read, listen to music, take up art or do a sport.


3. Make time to bond with your family and friends.


You should actively participate in building a sense of community in your family and circle of friends first. Invite friends for a social and explore different activities with your family. Savour the experiences rather than hiding behind your fears of letting go.


4. Reach out to others less fortunate.


Be a helping hand by joining a charity project. Giving of ourselves shows our gratitude for all the blessings and random acts of kindness we enjoy.



Life is about living.


We need to put in the hours to create harmony in our lives. It is all about making worthwhile investments and sacrifices while we learn to love ourselves again. If you are going to take this bold step, surround yourself with others who will be in your corner, cheering you on.



Go on, take that first step today.








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