Frankie's knitting circle

There in the Groote Kerk in Cape Town, Frankie read the notice appealing to volunteers to knit jerseys for the Jerzy4kidz project 2014. The jerseys were for the Steinthal Children's Home in Tulbagh.


"That's interesting," thought Frankie. "I will gather my friends and we can knit for this worthy cause."


Quietly the weeks slipped by. Then one Sunday after the church service, Frankie brought a large bag filled with jerseys. These jerseys were given to Pierre who had to pass them on to Sharon who had to take them to Gwynn. Something like the Chicken Licken story, but in our story the sky was not falling down. Our sky had a Frankie galaxy, sending rays of light to needy children.


We are now supposed to have a "lived happily ever after" ending. That is, if only Frankie had forgotten about the church weekly bulletin where she saw the Jerzy4kidz notice.


The weeks went by. Winter dragged on and Spring struggled to make an entrance. The winds howled and the rain came pouring down. Eventually Winter gave up the battle. You can't compete with blackness that only Eskom can mastermind. During the day, Spring took advantage and sent beautiful flowers and some sunny weather to help calm the people.


While all this was happening, Frankie was still a very busy lady. Frankie and her friends visit the elderly at their homes on a weekly basis. They spend time with the folk who can become extremely lonely when they are cut off from the outside world. The elderly folk loved Frankie and her friends. They talked and laughed about the good old days (before the days of Eskom, I believe) and wished that time would stand still.


On one of these days while visiting their elderly friends, Frankie frowned. Goodness, their hands were not really being put to good use during these fun chats. Why not sit and knit while they are socializing? In this way the visiting group can complete jerseys for the Jerzy4kids project 2015 instead of doing nothing. That's it. She smiled and shared her idea.


Excellent idea, agreed Frankie's friends. The Frankie Knitting circle sprang to work : visiting the elderly and knitting jerseys. Mouths working, hands and needles clicking away.


Voila! Thirteen designer jerseys were ready to be despatched. Off the jerseys went down the chain. First to Leoni, then to Pierre , then to Sharon and finally to Gwynn. Load shedding of a different kind.


To Frankie and her knitting circle: you are an inspiration. Keep on clicking 'em needles...






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