Giving gifts is a selfless act.

Christmas Eve party with the Lewinskies

We are in the season of generosity and we often give gifts to more people than we usually do. When we make our list of gifts we want to give to others, we must guard against our desires to get something similar in return. Giving is a spontaneous, selfless act.


A gift is a multi-layered act of kindness. Think of an onion. When you peel back the layers of an onion, you arrive at its centre. Such is the structure of a gift. Deep inside - way past the physical manifestation - you will find a part of you that you have shared with another person. Therein lies the value of the gift. It is this relational element that separates the act of giving from a business transaction.


When you attach a price tag to a gift, it is no longer a gift. Whatever you gave becomes a trade-off, an investment. Subconsciously, you are making demands on the person to pay you back. You start adding up what you have done, the cost involved and the sacrifices you have made. This negative spiral is unhealthy for your own psyche.


I know we struggle not to get upset or even disillusioned when others don't appreciate what we give them freely. This is normal because we are human, after all. But, we shouldn't withhold blessings from others if it is in our power to share these. Both the giver and the receiver benefit in amazing ways. Positive energy spirals beget a whole chain of wholesome positive events that we cannot comprehend.


Once you have decided to do random acts of kindness, release those gifts completely with body, mind and soul. Have no expectations other than basking in the abundance of peace and happiness that you have blessed someone unconditionally. If you strive to give others gifts with such a mindset, you will not be burdened with the worries of profits and losses that have no place in the realm of giving.


There is no greater spiritual and emotional boost than knowing you give because you care - nothing else.








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