Help for Busy Moms to plan a 21st party for daughter from Jupiter


Organising a 21st birthday party for your daughter is a GALACTIC affair. If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then "Going on 21" daughters are from Jupiter. They will erupt like multiple volcanoes and fry you alive when you want to Mommy-mess with their party.


Don't lose heart, though. If your daughter still doesn't know what her 21st party must be like, it's okay. Breathe in the word, "calm" and exhale "peace" to centre yourself. Then, become the tight-loose negotiator all Moms are born to be. Here is your three-phase survival kit:


What Moms should accept:


  1. Your ideas were only hip during the Noah's Ark cruise.
  2. Keep your signature brand for your own parties.
  3. You are only the boss lady of your cash and your credit card.


Black and White Decisions:


Be Gerrie Nel, with specs dramatics and clinch these:


  1. Should the party be at a hired venue?
  2. Is the party a themed day or night event?
  3. What is the Mom/daughter guest list ratio?
  4. Is the music live or recorded?


The Way Forward:

Move fast, plan the event and have a memorable occasion.


I will call on you when I face my own Jupiter in three years' time.




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