Love and marriage

Dorian and Jackie on their way to sign the register .

Dorian, Basil's nephew, married his sweetheart, Jackie, finally! The two of them have been together for a few years now and we were thrilled to celebrate their wedding at the beautiful Fernwood Estate. Dorian and Jackie's children - all four of them - played an active part in the wedding ceremony. Their happy faces told the world that today was their glorious day too. They are now officially the Big Six.

I don't know about you, but I become marshmallowish when I see love and happiness walking on high heels. There we sat in the garden, witnessing two people declaring their love and commitment in public. I was mesmerized by the pastor's message of the three Cs of love. By the time Dorian and Jackie recited their marriage vows, I was saying them myself. Quietly, of course.

Dorian and Jackie's daughters formed part of the entourage.

This wedding in an idyllic garden setting, on a perfect summer's day, was becoming increasingly intoxicating. When the pastor asked us to stretch out our hands to bless the couple, I stuck both my hands far forward and then turned instinctively, pulled one hand back and blessed Basil on his head. He smiled weakly and then took a small step backward, muttering something about the sun. His better ( or worse) half was losing the plot and he wasn't going to get sucked into all this craziness next to him.

I suspect that even the pastor was experiencing a hangover. He somehow had difficulty giving the final "Amen" and almost spoilt my hypnosis. Thankfully, Pastor found the closing line, bubbles were released and we could congratulate the beaming couple.

While the newly-wed couple strolled the grounds for their photoshoot, we sat on the lawns with Greg, my brother-in-law and Edwina, who were celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary on this very day. Greg and Edwina are an amazing couple who grow increasingly in love as the years pass. They still co-ordinate their outfits and they still celebrate their shared lives in fun ways every single year. Is this not inspiring stuff?

Greg,Basil, Sharon and Edwina

Oh yeah, there IS enough love to go round and there IS still a place for marriage!

Relationships should be an oasis where all can grow according to their own drumbeat, yet be bound by that steadfast centre of love, trust and commitment. Like a compass with its two arms and the hinge keeping these two parts together.

Now, before I really lose my marbles and become too serious and academic, let me just say: it's good to love and be loved.

Love makes the world go round... Love conquers all... Let me not to the marriage of true minds...

Oops... There I go again, just like the pastor.

Friends, it's time to pass on all our positive energies to the most recent family union:

Congratulations, Dorian and Jackie. May your journey be an eventful, blessed one. You deserve to be loved. Bring on the champagne!


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