Two blessed grandchildren camping with Grandpa Lyndon


Cool trio of Lyndon and his two handsome grandsons.


Just opposite our Kleinmond campsite is a lovely, family: #Linden Bradfield and his two grandsons.


The three campers are organized. Their campsite is a reflection of their smooth camping style. The tent with its minimalist camping necessities cuts a clean picture. The boys are as chilled as their granddad and they use what nature can provide. Yesterday they came back armed with firewood that they picked up along the path.


We are not using our entire site so we have the occasional pedestrians passing through to get to the path that takes you to the lagoon and beach.


On their first walk this morning, I saw the trio looking for the designated path. This footpath that separates our camp from my sister's has been cut off by a parked car. Linden must have told the boys they would have to crisscross through our communal section.


"But didn't you tell us we mustn't disturb the other campers? We must not go onto others' property?, said one of the boys.

Linden responded quietly, explaining their dilemma.


Families spending time together is what helps us to strengthen community. Grandpa's spending quality time with their grandchildren in the outdoors is priceless!

Campsite of Granddad Lyndon and his grandchildren

Update 30 December 2014: the family has just come to greet us. They are on their way home. Linden says:

"Home is where my wife is. Home is where the heart is."

The happy campers.


What an awesome gift to have met these campers.








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