Young campers understand how to live.

The Lifesavers' army tent.

Our Kleinmond camping village is quiet this morning. The blue flag status beach has treacherous back currents and our volunteer lifesaver neighbours have already left to do their duty.


About 9:00 the two young campers, Erin and Seth, were playing cricket while granddad Linden was packing up. Now and then Linden would join them and celebrate when either boy hits a four or a six.


Both Erin and Seth have long, golden locks. Erin came over to chat with me.


"We are growing our hair for cancer. We need to grow it to 24cm before we cut it".


The homeschooled brothers had learned about cancer and how people help those with cancer. Erin was the one who decided he wanted to grow his hair and then donate his locks. Seth followed suit.

Erin and Seth volunteered to grow their hair that they will donate to Cancer patients.



About 11:00 Christo and friends came to our site to collect the kettle, mugs, cutlery and milk. They didn't see the need to pack in items that could be shared amongst family. The trade off? I wanted eggs for breakfast.


The shoppers at Lewin Kiosk.


Inside the caravan Sasha, Riko, Reagan and Kristen are having cousin time. The conversations may sound disconnected, but they understand the meanings and the flow.

Sasha, Kristin, Riko and Reagan.


Later, at about 13:15, we say farewell to Linden and his boys.


The young givers, Erin and Seth with their freshly-showered hair, ready to hit the road. And, there is only one shoe to remind them of city life.


Life can be made simpler.









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