A tribute to our Family Connector, Geraldine.

Our life's journey is indeed a series of seasons. People enter our lives, walk part of our journey with us and then follow their own course. Like Geraldine, my sister-in-law who passed on yesterday. Thankfully, we can still draw strength from the legacy she has left us and pay our tributes to her.

The Family Connector

Geraldine was the Family Connector. She was one fiery lady with a sharp tongue and a very big heart. Geraldine laughed and cried as easily as she ranted and raved. If you were rude, you got a loud, public tongue-lashing. If you were happy, she was happier. She had no time for half measures. This is the magnetism that attracted everybody to Geraldine.

For many years, the whole family would invade Geraldine's house every Christmas afternoon. She would put on a lavish spread of cakes, sweets and leftover Christmas food and pudding for the clan. Every year, when everybody packed up just before the clock ushered in Boxing Day, Geraldine would announce that that was the last year she was going to be the host for Christmas afternoon tea. Needless to say, she would wait for us to descend the following year and became quite irritated if someone failed to show up!

Geraldine organised the annual family camp to Wolwekloof in Worcester or the day trip to Millers Point. I suppose Geraldine was already glamping in those years, much to the family's dismay. Wherever they camped, Geraldine would take along her fridge, carpets, a grocery cabinet, cooking pots, cutlery - anything that would make the tent resemble home. She would tidy her tent the whole day and remove stubborn sand that would just settle back in their rightful place after the Big Sweep. If you wanted peace, you kept your mouth shut. Hell has no fury like a lady scorned for spring cleaning at camp!

Miss Generosity

Geraldine had an amazing, generous spirit. Invariably a visitor would go home with something to eat, to wear or to read. No matter how much you protested, she convinced you that the gift was meant to be. I was always blessed with some clothing item or jewellery. One of my favourite costume jewellery pieces, a bangle, was given to me on one of our visits. Geraldine was wearing the bangle and then just before we left, she removed the bangle and gave it to me. I can still see how her whole face lit up with a broad smile and eyes that welled with shiny tears. She loved spreading joy.

I was filled with sadness when I heard that Geraldine had passed on. Yet, I think my joy is greater because Geraldine deserves to dance with the Angels. The Family Connector who had passed through many difficult seasons of late, can look forward to an eternal season of prosperity now.

Go well, G, until we meet again...


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