German tourists see South Africa from the comfort of their Motorhome.

Chatting to our German tourists who spent New Year's Eve and NewYear's Day with us at #Kleinmond Camping resort.


On New Year's Day, we met Monica and Wolgang, two German tourists, at Kleinmond Camping resort. The two were dog-sitting for friends. Wolgang and Monica flew from Germany to Durban where they met their younger friends who were touring Africa in their motor camper.


" Our friends travelled from Egypt down to Durban. When they arrived in South Africa, they wanted to spend time with family here, " said Monica. "They handed over their van and the dog to us and they will meet us in Cape Town. We will fly back to Germany while they travel inland via Zimbabwe and Botswana en route to Egypt again."


Wolgang and Monica would stop at any town or city and camp at available dog-friendly campsites. Monica shared interesting stories about towns they stopped at along the Garden route on their way to Cape Town. Ironically, many of the places Monica mentioned were foreign to us. Here we had a German tell us about the beauty of our own country!


I want to explore our country and experience the "rainbow" character in all its glory like our German visitors did. This is a big bucket list item NOW.

Monica and Wolgang's Motorhome

Isn't this a wonderful way to travel?



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