We are hanging up our school shoes today.

Sasha with her cousins who came along for the Matric Results announcement


Just the other day, almost nineteen years ago, I discovered we were going to have another baby. I don't want to bore you with all the details, but Sasha was a complete surprise to us. At the time, my dad who was still here with us, was more excited than I was. He reminded an emotional me of the blessings and privilege it was to be a parent. I swear that when I was in labour (forever again), he was sitting on the armchair, keeping watch over his second granddaughter.


Today I was all soppy again. Time flies too fast. Sasha has suddenly grown into this beautiful, young woman. While we were chatting one day, she said:


" I explained to my friends that I have to take small steps so that you can get used to the fact that I am no longer twelve years old. I will go out to clubs, then take a break to allow you guys to recover, then go out again. I want to help you deal with the shock of having an eighteen year old around."


We laughed because she hit the nail on the head. We had to learn to let go and she was mediating the adjustment!


At the school, we were waiting for the release of the results. . After Sasha had seen her results, she looked for me in the crowd, ran into my open arms and burst into tears. As I hugged and consoled her, I was given a chance to sort out the blurry mess under my sunglasses.


The next minute her brother and cousins found us and we were caught in one squashed hug and shouts of joy. We took pictures, made all the main phone calls, hugged again and then trekked home to savour the moment.


Gosh. We no longer have to worry about school shoes, stationery and homework. We have done the whole nine yards. We are hanging up our school shoes after celebrating the success of the third Matriculant in the Lewin home.





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