We wore our hairstyles and our school uniforms proudly during the 1970s.

I was a high schooler during the 70's, the era of freedom for the individual. It was "out with the plastic, in with the natural" . Freedom of expression was captured in our various hairstyles and dress, if nowhere else. The picture tells it all.


The hairstyles


Many of the guys in the front row looked like Motown musicians. The bigger the Afro, the higher the attraction factor. The Afro Afro comb or pick was often stuck in the hair like an accessory.

Sharon Lewin
Steenberg High, Standard 9 class, 1977.


There were guys who went for the long, sleek hair even though the gene pool delivered a thick, dry, frizz mop. That's when the swirlkous came in handy. The swirlkous was the recycled hair wrapper made from stocking legs that sprung a ladder. This Eco-friendly device tamed the frizz.


Hair styling products

Then there was the Brylcreem, a hairstyle cream for smooth, sexy-smelling hair. I plonked my hair with dollops of Blue Seal Vaseline if the Brylcreem ran out. My rebellious hair has outlived all threats of baldness and ingrown hair.


We must have given many a teacher hair-raising moments. That's IF they stayed long enough to teach us during those hard years of apartheid.






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