Our midweek breakaway at the Caledon Spa in the Overberg.

Basil and I had a fantastic breakaway at the Caledon Spa hotel. It has always been his desire to visit the Caledon Spa as a guest and not as a visitor to the casino. So, luckily for us, the Caledon's Spa Midweek special was on and off we went to the Overberg.

The Caledon Hotel, Spa and Casino trio meet the needs of most of local tourists or the stay-vacationers as I believe, we are called nowadays.

View from Da Vinci's restaurant.

  Before we look at the Caledon Spa delights, let me just say this about midweek breakaways. Midweek breakaways are fantastic because these are the added treats:

  • You get value for money because the same holiday could cost you twice as much.

  • There are fewer people so the the atmosphere is more chilled and you can pretend the place belongs to you!

  • Guests become familiar faces and you will find yourself greeting one another wherever you meet up. You may also meet interesting folk during your time there.

Now on to the Caledon Spa experiences that you can enjoy, besides the casino...

Indulge in the Victorian Mineral Baths

The Victorian Baths.

The Victorian baths is a massive mineral pool where you can easily spend a morning. The brownish waters with its mineral flotsam are soothing to the body and soul. You need to heed the 15-minute bathing rule else the heat can make you feel dizzy. But, with a cold shower close by, you can quickly cool down, relax at the poolside and then dip in again. I suppose it is advisable not to wear your best swimsuit because you will have brown streaks added to it. 

You will also find the sauna, gym and spa treatments in this area.

Mineral pool in the woods

The mineral pool 'off the beaten track'.

SA Forest Adventures and the start of the Zip line opposite the mineral pools.

The same mineral pool with the forest in the background.

There is another mineral pool that is situated close to the area where the Ziplining zone is in the forest section. The privacy of this pool and the beautiful forest setting can be enjoyed by guests, especially those who are closest to it. 

Go for revitalizing walks

There are a few winding paths. After breakfast, we walked along one of the paths behind the hotel that eventually brought us to this mineral pool. 

The scenic footpath winding through forest area. 

The stay vacationers 

This plant reminded me of my childhood. We used to suck out the sugary juice... hmm!

If you are lucky, you may see the horses in the enclosure at the far end of one of the paths.

Experience the Khoisan spas

The deck with a view.

View of the pools from the deck.

The Khoisan pools are magnificent and you must take in the entire Khoisan rock spa journey. Make your way to the deck that peers over the Victorian Baths, the wheat fields and Swartberg mountains and the wind farm in the distance. Then make your way down to the various pools. The temperature of the first pool is a whopping 44 degrees and the closest you may get is to give your hand or foot a taste of the steaming waters. The temperature of the water in the pools on your descent drops. Try each one for fun. Then at the end of your pool-hopping, you can play about in the jacuzzi and its tantalizing jets of water.

Super duper stuff!  Guaranteed, you will sleep like a log and dash off to breakfast just before the cut off time ( like we had to do!).


The Caledon spa is a place geared for relaxation and finding your happy space. We were blessed to be in room 129 that is right opposite the outdoor cold pool with its deck and bar. There you can splash about and have your cocktails under the palm trees.

The pool with its bar and deck just outside our room - heaven!

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Caledon Spa. I do think I need a week long stay there. Our short stay was jam-packed and you need to factor in one day to do a whole lot of nothing. If you haven't been to the Caledon Spa, you should consider this resort as a bucket list item.


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