The best news ever about me and my breast cancer.

The Good news

Yesterday was the day I had an appointment with Doctor Jenny Edge, my surgeon who performed the lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy on me on 18 May.  I was going to have the bandages removed, get the results of the biopsy and hear what my case management for breast cancer will be. 

Walking into Dr Jenny's rooms is like entering a bubble of warmth and love. Gadija and Nadia greeted Basil and me enthusiastically and enquired about my health. I mentioned the sudden throbbing I was experiencing in my breast since the morning.

"Don't worry," the young ladies said. Sr Lieske will sort it all out." 

Sister Lieske arrived and soon, Basil and I were ushered into Dr Jenny Edge's rooms. 

"How're you feeling?" asked Dr Edge, smiling and looking relaxed with her signature green-framed spectacles.

Again, I shared my story about my hypersensitive breast today. Dr Edge looked at me and said:

"Well, let's see if that pain is still there after we look at these results". I smiled weakly.

There Basil and I sat as Dr Edge discussed the results with us. 

" Here you can see that there is no cancer in the lymph nodes. We removed the 2,5cm cancer tumour(a quick squiggle with rough edges within a circle is drawn) and some healthy tissue.  This is breast cancer at its best. You won't need chemotherapy. You will just need thirty sessions of radiation. Now, how's the pain after this?"

We burst out laughing. I just looked at Dr Jenny and said: "Thank you, Doc. You are amazing." I wanted to hug her, but thought my dear doctor may just go into shock because of my drama. I thanked Sister Lieske and the receptionists. I hugged Basil. I was ready to ball my eyes out!

Sister Lieske, Gadija and Nadia: three Angels in Dr Jenny Edge's team

Ever since Dr Edge gave us the good news, I have been teary. Everything seems to bring those naughty tears right to the edge of the eyelid. Even now as I write, my 'thyroid' eyes are swimming. I haven't cried once since my breast cancer diagnosis.  I have asked God to help me understand the absence of my crying.  Was I being the typical Sharon who rationalizes and blocks off everything? Was I in denial about the trial I was going through?  There was no answer, except a sense of peace and calm whenever I asked these questions.  The poem by John Milton, "On his blindness" drifted somewhere in my head.

God is in control

I do know the answer for sure. You see, God is in control and I really do not have to worry. 
From the start I have asked our faithful Lord to give me calm and peace as I am travelling on my new journey with cancer. I have not asked once thus far: Why me, Lord. I know the Lord has plans for me and I am a willing follower. 

What I do know is that our Lord has been covering me more so during this journey. I am abundantly blessed.  I am surrounded with a host of human angels that have been praying and fasting for me non stop. I have been flooded with love, light and energy on mind boggling proportions. I have been humbled a thousand times over and I am inspired by people's capacity to love.

It's not easy to be vulnerable and exposed but I have no choice. If there is one person who has been rejoicing ever since my cancer diagnosis, it is Levona. Yesterday, when I shared the good news with her, she said in a whatsapp text:

"Ek het jou mos ges^e... jy kan maar vergiet van gaan le^. Off to the real world you must now go, this whole trial was your training ground cos God's saving grace with others you must now sow!... van ooee nee, my hands, vingers en knee is nou moeg!"

( Loosely translated: Get off your butt because you have work to do; you must share God's saving grace with others. I am busted with sore hands and knees from praying.)

Now for the radiation journey

Soon I will start the radiation therapy. I have no idea what this experience will be like but guaranteed, you will get a blow-by-blow account.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying these lazy days at home. In a week's time or so, I will be back in the saddle where my colleagues will make sure that the taxman's money is well spent!

Thanks for always indulging me!  Have an awesome time living your lives fully...

Till next time from the radiation capsule...


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