How I am coping with the radiotherapy treatment.

Folk are curious about how my system is coping with the radiotherapy treatment that I am currently receiving.  I prefer to talk about the impact of the radiotherapy on my entire being because your entire   person is affected. And this is the beauty of this journey for me, despite the gravity of the situation. I am in a good space spiritually, emotionally and physically.

I have to give thanks to my Lord who has never forsaken me during all this time. In fact, I have never felt closer to my Maker who has surrounded me with hosts of angels in the form of my family, friends, strangers, the medical staff and my church family. Since people have heard that I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, I have been flooded with inspirational messages, prayers, love, friendship, advice and uplifting stories.

The painting above has been inspired by a picture that I took when Basil and I went back to the Kob Inn along the Wild Coast last year. The ferryman transports you across the Qora River Mouth so that you can walk along the coast to Mazeppa Bay.  Most of the Oyster catchers use the services of the ferry when they return to their villages along the coastline en route to Mazeppa Bay.  Like the oyster-catcher with her heavy bag of freshly-caught oysters, I too need My Ferryman and the throngs of cheerleaders to keep me spiritually and emotionally afloat. Together we share the spiritual fruits and emotional courage that you see manifested in me!

When I meet people, they often tell me that I am constantly in their thoughts and that they are praying for me. Now, please, who wouldn't feel energized and grateful when you know that YOU have been singled out to be the beneficiary of such overwhelming goodness?  Then the irony of the situation is that folk would comment on how good I am looking, how positive and courageous I am, although they are the ones who are feeding my spirit and psyche all the time!

Emotionally, I am good. I try to keep thinking positively most of the time. I try not to drain myself with the negativity I see around me even though I can so easily get sucked in. Because I receive so much abundance, I try to spread the faith, joy, love and peace whenever I have the opportunity. I have embraced my situation as fully as I can by being in touch with my own humanity. This is a humbling, but a wonderfully enriching space to be in.

Then, physically, I am trying to look after my body. I am cutting down on all those things that compromise my body. As I explained in a previous post, I am eating far more nutrient-rich foods so that I can boost my immune system. I sometimes overindulge in almond nuts and goji berries because they are immune-boosting fruits. I have always been freakish about taking supplements so I still take selenium and spirulina as I have done forever.  I know I need to increase my intake of greens so I am working on that.

Thus far the radiation side effects have been under control. I do get a burning sensation in the breast as I have been informed but it does not last long. I have been using dollops of cornflour on the breast since I started and this may have helped to soothe the area. Sometimes, especially after a treatment session I have a nauseous feeling that comes and goes.  Generally, I don't feel too tired, although once I sleep, I leave this physical world for a few solid hours.

I meet the doctor, Doctor Ryno Holtshausen, once a week to check on my progress. Thus far, he is happy with the progress of the treatment and how I am responding. This week we had an interesting chat about the Pfizer CEO that had resigned and the dubious cloud that hangs over certain medical research. I also learned that Dr Holtshausen's mother was an oncology nurse and that is part of the reason he chose to work in oncology. I wanted to ask permission to take a picture, but perhaps I need to wait a while.

That's it, folks. So, let me wrap up this post and get ready to go for treatment session number 16.  That is my story to date and may my journey continue to be as uplifting as it has been thus far!

Blessings to all and a big THANK you...


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