I have reached the halfway mark of my radiotherapy treatment.

Yes! I reached the halfway mark of my radiotherapy treatment. Today was session 15. There are 15 sessions left.  I will tell you in the next post about how my system is managing the radiation treatment, but I want to share these tidbits with you. When you visit the GVI Oncology department on a daily basis like I do, you are bound to become more aware of your surroundings.

Institutional tell-tale signs you pick up over time

I am getting used to the rather sharp bends of the underground parking at the hospital. All GVI patients can park for free on level 5.  Initially I was apprehensive about snaking round the bends up to the fifth floor. I would drive slowly, apply brakes at every corner, look into the mounted mirrors, double check that the nose of the car and the lights really belong to my car and then creep round the bend. You can seriously get drunk just trekking up the levels.

Then it's time to take the lift to the Lower Ground floor where the treatment room is. I swear the lady to whom the automated voice of the lift system belongs, was bored out of her skull when they made the recording.  She literally sighs when she announces the floor numbers. When we reach the lower ground level, the voice sighs heavily and says "Low- wer Ground", as if she herself was falling into an abyss below. It is no better when I have to return to Level 5 and hear how she moans at dropping off her load there.

Once I have successfully navigated The Bends and The Voice, I step into the familiar waiting room of the radiotherapy treatment centre. I like the creative uniform that is worn by the radiotherapy staff. They wear black business suits but they wear different colour shirts from Monday to Thursday. Today the colours are black and purple. On another day, the shirt colour is pink and there is also a day when they wear an animal-printed shirt. This is a wonderful concept where functionality is balanced with versatility.

My makeover after the treatment session

I looked forward to today's session for two reasons. The first one was that 50% of the planned sessions were reached today. The second reason was that I was going to be given a mini makeover by Kulthum.

I always admire the way Kulthum, the Lead Radiotherapist, wears her headscarf and she has promised to buy me one of the flower clips and show me how to "work" the headscarf.

Learning how to volumise a head scarf

Immediately after my treatment we went into one of the changing cubicles down the corridor.

Kulthum, our high energy patient whisperer, bought me a beautiful, red scarf volumiser flower clip.
The demonstration began in earnest. First the flower clip was positioned. Then the scarf was wrapped with detailed instructions on how to create the understated elegant look.

"Place the flower clip slightly off the top of your head," said instructor Kulthum. " Then place your scarf on your head, tie it loosely at the back, making sure that the ends are equal. Then wrap loosely. Now you "work"  that scarf with big earring bangers."

I was chuffed with my hip and happening head gear. I arrived with frizzy bangers and a neck scarf and left there with a fabulous hairdo. Imagine creating a new look with a hair clip and a scarf. We have no excuse to don the same look all the time. Life needs spice and the same face can become as monotonous and as melancholic as that automated voice in the hospital lift system.

Thanks, Kulthum!

Check out the next post where I will talk about how my system has been responding to the radiation treatment to date. 

Till next time!


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