My Radiation treatment is done and dusted.

Hooray. I have finally completed the 30-session course of radiation. I now no longer have trek to the GVI Oncology unit in Rondebosch  every single week day. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had a five-day booster, where the radiation targets the area where the cancer tumour was.

The effects of the radiotherapy on the breast are clearly visible. The area looks burnt, like a grenadilla as I mentioned to the doctor. I also experience a kind of burning, throbbing sensation sporadically, which is rather uncomfortable and painful. I was told that the radiation is still active for about ten days after the last treatment session. It was like being placed in a microwave oven, as my Kiwi friend, Yolanda, described it.  So true, I thought. Radio waves are no child's play...

Celebrating the last session of radiation treatment.

Keyring that my darling sister, Levona, blessed me with.

My last session of radiation treatment was celebrated in style. Early the Wednesday morning Levona delivered a poem and a beautiful key ring to mark the end of the 30- days.

Even the radiologists were in high spirits.

"You did say you are going to do some pole dancing for us on the last day," said Raheema.

Of course, I had made this outlandish claim.

"I see that my pole has not been organized," I said. "We can just do with what we have. This boring bed will just have to do."

Kulthum had already put on a fast paced song, Treasure, by Bruno Mars.  The music pumped and I sprang into action.

I whipped off my coat,  swayed my head to the right side in a dramatic move, swung my arm forward and did a large shoulder role. Raheema and Kulthum cracked up laughing, probably secretly hoping that they were not going to have to apply first aid treatment to a wannabe dancer!

Then it was time to get on to that narrow bed, lie absolutely still and allow the beams to strike their target. I soaked in the pumping music and sent off a silent prayer of thankfulness.

Saying thank you to the radiation staff

As a thank you to the wonderful radiotherapy team, we met for lunch at Nino's, a restaurant just down the road from the Rondebosch Private Medical clinic. There was a lovely air of camaraderie as we chatted about all things wonderful.

Radiotherapy whisperers: Patrishca, Kulthum, Louise, Raheema and Jessica.

Life has amazing twists and turns. When you embrace the moments of ebbs and flows in your life, you come out stronger, wiser and filled with goodness. There are so many people in all spaces who are waiting to share their loving, caring  spirits with you. And if you are like me, you will accept these gifts and sprint along.

From Left: Patrishka, Kulthum, Sharon, Louise, Raheema. Jessica is the drama queen at the back.

I feel good - like a woman should... I feel good... I feel blessed... like a person should.. oh yeah.. oh yeah...


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