Breast Cancer Awareness Photo Exhibition is on at the Youngblood Art Gallery in Cape Town

Darren Francis, a Cape Town-based photographer, has his Breaking Dawn photo exhibition on at the Youngblood Art Gallery during the month of September.

Breaking Dawn Photo Exhibition

The Breaking Dawn photo exhibition is Darren Francis's contribution to breast cancer awareness. Breaking Dawn affirms the women who are or who have been confronted with breast cancer. The portraits capture the various emotional and physical complexities that breast cancer sufferers experience. Yet, despite their roller coaster journey with breast cancer, women show amazing resilience and spiritual strength. This, said, Darren, was what he wanted to portray as well.

Darren Francis, the photographer, and Dr Jenny Edge, the breast surgeon and breast cancer awareness campaigner.

The opening of the Breaking Dawn Photo Exhibition was attended by Dr Jenny Edge, a breast surgeon, the sponsors of the exhibition and the women who were invited to be the subjects of the Breaking Dawn exhibition. I was blessed to have been invited via Lieske, the professional nurse who works with Dr Jenny Edge.  Our families and friends were also there to celebrate the event.

 Darren explained how moved he was by the stories told by the breast cancer survivors.

" I have been humbled by these women," said Darren. "This exhibition is a collaboration between me, my generous sponsors, Dr Jenny Edge and the nine women who were prepared to share their powerful stories with me and you. This exhibition helps us to raise breast cancer awareness so that we can come alongside women who are afflicted with it. We can learn from these brave women and their families who, through their strength, give us hope. This exhibition is my way of giving back to breast cancer sufferers and to raise awareness for breast cancer."

Doctor Jenny Edge and her son who was also at the Breaking Dawn Exhibition.

Doctor Jenny Edge was the guest speaker. Dr Jenny Edge is a tireless campaigner to raise breast cancer awareness in our own country as well as in neighbouring countries. She works in partnership with many small clinics that invite her to give talks to nurses about breast cancer awareness. Thus far Dr Jenny Edge has travelled to Zimbabwe, Malawi and will be going to Lesotho to share her knowledge of breast cancer care.

" Although the incidence of breast cancer is high, there is very little education about breast cancer care," said Dr Edge. "Collaborative events such as Darren's Breaking Dawn Exhibition are examples of how we can network to advance breast cancer awareness. Often there is only one nurse at clinics who have to help women who have breast cancer and that is not enough. We are not trying to replace breast cancer education; rather, we are working alongside others to bring breast care to more people. Networking is important. When people tell their stories we learn more and we can share these with others.  If you want to get involved you can contact me."

Basil and I sharing a fun moment at my portrait.

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening at the Breaking Dawn Exhibition. Thanks to Darren Francis, there was a community of people who show that they care about breast cancer sufferers and their families. If we want to get involved in breast cancer education, we can reach out and add our gifts and voices too.

Darren and Toshca 

The Breaking Dawn Exhibition is on for the month of September. Do pop in there to see the beautiful portraits taken by an emerging photographer, Darren Francis, who deserve to have his works seen by his fellow Capetonians. Let us support the arts which is used, as in the Breaking Dawn exhibition, to address important health and social issues.

Let us know about your experience at the Youngblood Art Gallery where unknown artists of all genres have the opportunity to collaborate and showcase their talents.


Part of the Lewin Clan with Darren Francis, the photographer.

Veronica (middle) is a breast cancer survivor of 14 years. Veronica is flanked by her two new friends!
Levona (my sister) and Darren


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