Community Chest Twilight Team run 2015 was a fun-filled community and family event.

Nazeer, Christo and Sasha are ready to do the walk.
We were there to participate in the Community Chest Twilight Team run this year. We wanted to be part of the fun.

I should have planned my outfit better, but like many, I am always caught napping. However, I made sure that my outfit was symbolic.  I wore a red sweater to symbolize World Aids Day Awareness, a handwritten poster which read " Leave our women and children alone", as part of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence and a spiky, blue wig and red cheeks as part of the fun element.

My funky blue wig matched Christo's oversized sunglasses!

 At the start, we counted down from 33 because the Community Chest Twilight Run celebrated its 33rd anniversary this year. Then off we went, literally strolling for the entire five kilometers.

Lorenzo Davids, the CEO at Community Chest,  chatting to the waiting crowds.

My children made the most of the walk. They looked for any opportunity to wish people or to take selfies. Two unsuspecting policemen became part of Christo and Nazeer's selfie shots.  Twice the trio - Christo, Sasha and Nazeer - broke away from me because of the added attractions of open pubs along the way.

Policemen on duty become part of a selfie shot 
The circular walk was interesting. We walked from Darling Street opposite the City Hall, into Adderley Street and then strolled up vibrant Long Street where balconies overflowed with folk having a good time. They cheered for  us on and toasted to us.  One excited balcony reveller even squirted us with some fizzy drink, celebrating the walkers. Then we ambled through the Company Gardens to end our walk at the Grand Parade.

Walking through the Company gardens

By 21h00 I was ready to go home, but my young adults were in the mood to party with the Four and Jimmy Nevis. I wasn't going to spoil their fun so I joined Basil in the car.  We also listened to Jimmy Nevis's beautiful sounds as we finished off freshly-fried Kentucky Streetwise Two chicken and chips in the comfort of our car. Eventually the trio came down the road, laughing and singing at the top of their voices.

Aah... this was a good way to spend time in our city, help raise money for charity and bond with family...

The Mountain Rescue Team


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