Cruising on the Pearl River in Guangzhou on a starry night.

This is post number eight in the Ni hao (Hello) China Travelogue.

Mina, our tour guide and me on the boat.

We knew we were ending our stay in South China with a cruise on the Pearl River, but not in my wildest dreams did I expect such a spectacular experience.

It was drizzling and foggy almost the entire day, but the evening of our river cruise the heavens opened.

Landie and Jean having fun. 

One of the bridges lit up 

We boarded our boat and were mesmerized for the next hour or so. All the buildings that surround the Pearl River switch on their headlights to create a static pyrotechnic display. Each of the riverboats glittered with their neon displays on the dark river waters. Even the bridges became part of this multi-coloured, fantastic playground.

The Pearl river is 2,400 kilometers long and it is the third largest river in China.

Many such colourful boats are seen on the river

The lights on the buildings reflecting in the water

Then the highlight of the river cruise appeared. There she was, with her slim waist and her rhythmic dress transformation: The Canton Tower in all its glory! We were mesmerized. As the boat cruised, our Lady Canton teased in the distance. It was surreal. 

Our group having fun

The Canton tower is about 600m high and contains 110 floors. The Canton Tower is the third largest building in the world.

The Canton Tower's lighting uses LED technology. According to Wikipedia, "seven thousand LED light fixtures light the rings of the tower's structure each from underneath, to form a continuous glow."

The Canton Tower

Our Pearl River Cruise was the best farewell ceremony to Guangzhou.

Canton Tower selfie

Norma and Sharon selfie with carnival colours behind.

Canton tower


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