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Camping at Goudini

Campa-logue at Goudini

23 June
Finally, we have arrived at our destination, Goudini Spa, in the heart of the Breede Valley.
We are on Camp for the next week. Stunning weather and perfect for camping. We know we are going to experience all the seasons in this short week, but what the heck??
 We set the scene with a solid campfire, sausage and chicken braai with a Chinese dominoes league game. Lekka…

24 June

Well, today it is raining; that soaking kinda rain. But for now, after 2 hours at the indoor pool and a chicken sarmie to keep the metabolism running, I am ready to soak up Achebe’s Arrow of God – second reading especially brought along to tackle while in the outdoors.

June 25
Just love the idea of knowing our week- long camping in the caravan park here at Goudini costs us the price of 1 night in the Rondawels, 0.75 of the cost in the Boland homes and possibly like a freebie compared to the Slanghoek homes. Justa thought for those who cannot stomach living in a tent lmao... Ur missing out G…

Life Lesson by Esinako, a 10 Year Old Shack Dweller

DCAS showcase the talent of undiscovered artists

Esinako, the Hillwood Primary school 4th grader, had fun today singing “My Redeemer” at the DCAS MOD Centre Principals’ Conference. We gave her a standing ovation, mesmerized by her vocal range and tone that by far exceed her age.
  Later we saw the Lavender Hill dancers, also highly skilled and equally confident,drawing a huge applause from us. Not too long ago these township youngsters would have not had the opportunities to develop their natural talents because they become invisible to many of us.

But let me not digress. I wish to indulge you with the conference magnet, Esinako, the ten year old. She has her own special story. During the school week, her life is far more complicated than charming appreciative audiences. When the school day ends, Esinako rushes off to her choir practice organized by DCAS coaches and then speeds off to pick up her three year old sister. She then cares for the toddler until her working parents come home – …

I Miss My Cheeky Lizard

One day Lizzie, the Lizard, just popped out of the Asparagus-fern that grew on the pillar base in our garden at the office.  There she was, tanning, preparing for summer.  The trouble is that Lizzie has occupied my favourite 'chill' spot and I now felt like the intruder.  

Interestingly, Lizzie stayed the entire summer. She was already there on "our" fern-covered seat whenever I arrived - how punctual!  As I walked towards her, I would chat, more like shoo-ing her away and often I would remind her that that was my place. My colleagues, Thomas and Kay, found our love-hate relationship highly amusing.  There I was, talking in non-lizard lingo and Lizzie staring at me, head cocked to the side and making no attempt to dodge into the greenery.

We followed this ritual the whole summer until I went on annual leave early December. On my return, I looked for my buddy, but she was no where to be seen. 

Whenever I sit on my favourite spot and Thomas passes by, we would still talk …

2012 Youth Jazz Festival at Artscape

Jazz with style and charm

The 2012 Youth Jazz Festival was an electrifying sound mix of melody, rhythm and harmony. We were taken on a Jazz journey for more than two hours, willingly being transported by the four-piece ensemble and seven young musicians.

There wasn't a single 'yawn' moment. The guitarists and saxophonist teased and coaxed our bodies in rapturous moves, the pianist dazzled and the vocalists seduced all our senses. And then there was Ian Smith - master trumpeter and the epitome of showmanship with quips that flowed just as effortlessly.

Vocalist Whitney Olivier got my biggest vote; she was brilliant with her rendition of "Feeling Good".  The Mondale High Student from Mitchell's Plain, is destined for greatness.

The show was one glorious experience of soulful, smooth jazz. We salute Artscape, especially Marlene Le Roux, for creating such professional platforms for our talented, budding musicians.

Yes, We Feel Good...

Snapshots of the Jazz Festival

Catwalking from Muizenberg to Kalk Bay

Our History

You could probably say we are like a Friends Forever Foursome. Carol, Naomi, Jenny and I have been friends since primary school - well,that is in the case of Carol,Jenny and I. I met Naomi when we moved into 10th Avenue, Retreat, when we were finally offered a council-owned property.  So, for the greater part of four decades, we have known one another and as life is, we drifted and set up our own lives. Naomi and I have been inseparable,of course. We had an unwritten pact to see each other at least twice in a year. On such dates we would spend hours talking through the night, consuming tons of cigarettes and at least a bottle of red wine. 

However, last year we decided to have a reunion with the other muskateers and that is how the four of us have rejuvenated our circle of friendship . This is the best decision we have made because our planned get-togethers have been nothing short of fun.  Our latest escapade has been a walking date alon…