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Our Camping neighbours are in Kleinmond by default

  Our youngsters with the three sisters going nowhere slowly   This is our first night at The Kleinmond Caravan Site and already our circle is getting bigger. On the plot next to us, we have three beautiful lively sisters who have discovered the camping site by chance. They tell us that they left Cape Town this morning, went to Hermanus and then went skinny dipping in the lagoon at Onrus.   "What is this place called, asked Melissa, a chatty, friendly person. Soon after I had said we are at Kleinmond, Melissa continues.   "We were going to drive home, but then we bought dome firewood,some disposable socks and yep, this is where we will be tonight. Tomorrow, we have no idea what it holds.   "Yep," chipped in Nats. " We are going nowhere slowly. We don't have responsibilities like husbands and children, so we can do as our mood dictates. This is the first time we have tried this, but this will definitely not be the last.   "Yes,

My Facebook friends

" Outjies": Afrikaans colloquial word for buds, friends, pals, etc. A few of the fbers who keep me entertained Hello, My facebook newsfeed is eerily quiet. There is just a soft murmur of a weather update by weather reporter, JE, not even the temperature degrees this morning. Oops, I spoke too soon. My eyewitness reporters merely had a later shift today. There we go. JJ must have had a real weirdo who took the olly out of 'Jolly' and this Ollywhatsisname must have spoilt the Christmas gees ( spirit). " Why is there always ONE who takes the olly out of Jolly, " JJ laments. Do you also have one, he continues. Yes, there are, according to the 49 likes and 14 comments thus far. Then I see there is an invasion of flies harassing LT and NJ. Serves them right; they probably did not invite their winged friends to the Christmas lunch, covering all the food with those pop-up food lace coverings bought at the robots at Kenilworth or elsewhere. " Hier ga

My camera addiction and memories of Aunty Henna

My Dad and me Our family took photos wherever we went as well. When we used to go on tour with my dad, we would take tons of photos of every conceivable scene. Every time we stopped to eat, we  would snap away. Many photos showed the same food and the coke and you could only distinguish the difference because of the changing roadside benches or the different angle of the red Corona in the picture. At one point, my dad just growled that we must stop this nonsense of taking pictures whenever he stops to "vriet" ( eat). That word signalled his irritation and we would then slink away with camera, giggling behind a tree or crouch behind the car, mock -coughing at the reprimand. Clowning was the name of the game. Of course, all the private pictures we took of us smoking or doing something weird, were hastily removed from the pack of pictures before giving them for parent scrutiny. Snapshots of memories made lovingly I am glad for this picture-taking tradition. Creat

Hamba kahle, Tata Madiba

    R.I.P Tata Mandela     Tata Mandela: our symbol of hope, our inspiration. Our leader Our icon   South Africa, heed the words of Madiba...   Posted with Blogsy

Playing Dominoes on camp is a tradition

The setting Here at camp at Bergriver, we fill our nights with games such as dominoes – better known as “Dumminoes or Dummies” on the Cape Flats where this game is well loved. There is something mysterious about the game of dominoes which reminds me of the shipwrecked boys of the novel, “Lord of the flies” by William Golding. While these rectangular blocks of pipped ivory lay in their box, their regal appearance appeals. However, when these dominoes are placed on the game board or table, all hell breaks loose, just like the innocent boys who transform into wild animals in Golding’s novel.   Chilled campers morph into game ragers. You see the pent up aggression in their taut bodies, their alert, darting eyes and the incessant war talk that emerge. Teams huddle and the air is filled with excitement. There is only one agenda: outsmart your opponents by whatever means, strike and clinch the champion title for the night. On your marks... set... The game begins. The dominoes are shuff

Meet South South Africa's Road walkers, Johan and Jessica

Johan with Jessica in the backpack While driving through Kleinmond, we see Johan and his dog, Jessica, taking a leisure walk. Jessica is content to sit in the backpack, watching fellow strollers or nuzzling in her master's neck. The pair has just returned from Lambert's Bay, then popped in at Kraaifontein before moving on to Betty's Bay. And here, this afternoon we meet the free spirits in Kleinmond. I asked Johan where they are actually walking to. "We just walk", Johan says laughingly. "This is what we do, we walk. Today we are going down to the lagoon for a photo session. I am all over, in the museum here at Kleinmond and on Facebook. We just walk ma'am, for a donation. I am originally from Kleinmond, I had my share in life, that stuff (hands gesturing), hut that was then, now we just walk." Johan is such a friendly guy, we don't even hesitate to give the "walking donation". It is refreshing to meet a wanderer. While chatti