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OXY Punk Rockers at the Jolly Roger in a Jamming Play-off

The OXY Punk rock group is becoming better and bigger.  The OXY band members are Brandon ( also the Manager of the band), Byron, Micki and Christo - four fun-loving young men who enjoy their music and they enjoy having loads of fun. You must come out to see them. Nigel Pearce of Good Hope invited them to studio and liked what they had to say and even indicated he will play their demo if they bring one along. The only drawback is that hiring a studio is expensive for these youngsters. But, who knows... Enjoy these snapshots taken by one of their die-hard fans.   Micki bonding with the crowd. Brandon,their band leader is amazing...    Their music has become more refined and the crowds love them!    " We want Thunderpants"! Shouted the crowd at their last jamming session. And did the OXY guys oblige? Oh Yeah...  From left: Micki (Lead guitar), Christo (on drums), Byron( bass) and Brandon (rhthym and  Band Manager) So, if you have nothing t

I love it when family and friends add love to my circle of life

On  Friday evening, Levona, Hilary and I trekked off to Groote Schuur hospital to visit our aunt, Aunty Henna.  What a lovely evening we had. Aunty Henna is our only surviving aunt.  Lecinda and Janine, her two granddaughters were also visiting. The visit turned out to be a fantastic family bonding session. Despite her frail state, Aunty Henna was a wonderful hostess. She lay there in her bed, all regal and proceeded to tell us about the start of her journey to doctors and hospitals.   Aunty Henna and I having a hugging moment and luvin it! Every detail was described graphically. We heard how Aunty Henna felt that the 'arthritis' was becoming unbearable and then she who never really visited the doctor, started her journey at this phase in her life. We went with her for the X-rays, the MRI's, to the dispensary where she was given 5 tablets that had to be taken for three weeks and then back to the day she fainted. Now, she said, she found herself lying in hospita

When the arty bug bites, no artifact is sacred!

You know that itchiness, that urge one gets to just let rip with paints, paper and glue; that irresistable pull to any artifact that sends out yearning signals " Paint me, please! Transform me, shape me, mould me...?  Well, that urge has hit me with feverish intensity.  While cleaning the children's 'Chill room', I see my first canvas: our very first fridge we bought 28 years ago for R250 I think.  We had bought the fridge from a Constantia couple via the Argus classifieds.  I was addicted to the Argus classifieds and always saw a bargain in the 'Furniture' section. Once I had identified the prized item, Basil and I would dash off to strike the deal with the seller. Another addiction of mine was visiting auctions. We would travel to Wynberg, Paarden Eiland - any place where a 'bargain' was waiting for us. But let me not digress.... There was the fridge, waiting with white epoxy coat, dull and dreary in the corner and here I was, ready with a bit of blue

Spending time with My friend Yvonne - Priceless!

I am so blessed to have Yvonne as my friend. We met at church because we always sit in the same pew. I can't recall exactly when our pleasantries turned into deeper chats about ourselves and our families.  Not that this matters. All that matters is that we have something so special I am glad I have met Yvonne.  Two roses rambling at the Rambling Roses Restaurant in Bergvliet Me and Yvonne  When winter arrived last year, Yvonne promised me that she would get her daughter, Beverley to knit me a scarf. And the cabled, handknitted scarf arrived. Was I thrilled with this unselfish generosity!  Then Yvonne wanted to know if I wear Beanies. Yes, I said, I love Beanies and scarves - these items are almost glued to my person and adds a bit of pizzaz, I say. Well, says, Yvonne, then Beverley can knit me a matching beanie as well.  By this time I was wondering if Beverley wasn't cursing this Sharon who was causing her to delay her own knitting projects and silently wishing I dis