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Celebrating Ma Lewin's 87th Birthday as she gives her own drum beat

Ma, my mother-in-law, celebrated her 87th birthday today, looking so radiant and full of life still.Ma is actually 88 years old, but the authorities made a mistake when they issued her birth certificate and identity document many, many years ago. After trying to fix this mistake, Ma eventually gave up. She now follows the date on her ID. Kathy, my sister-in-law, explains that her mother-in-law, gained a year, also because of a Home Affairs error. Those were the days at Home Affairs when people's names were either misspelt or changed if the person recording the name could not pronounce or spell the name.Claude, Ma's grandson and pastor of a church, gave a beautiful service and then we tucked into all the delicious treats. Ma was delighted because she was surrounded by her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and her friends whom she had known for many, many years. Ma has been a pillar of strength for the family throughout the ages. She always fussed when someone is havi…

The Southern Line Tourism route trip made our Women's Day ultra special

Getting ready for our day trip On Saturday, Women's Day, Sasha and I, together with my sister, Levona and my niece, Letitia, spent the day on the Southern Line Tourism route. Our trip took us to Simonstown where we were going to visit two museums and do the boardwalk at Boulders.I had no idea that Metrorail had an active tourism sector and that the #Southern Line Tourism route is one of three dedicated tourism rail routes! The other two rail tourism day trips are the Khayelitsha route and the Stellenbosch Winelands route. Now that this confession is out of the way, let me share our tourists-in-our own city- train adventure.The tourism train surprisesAt the start of our journey to Simonstown, our Metrorail tour guide told us about the multiple personalities of our tourism train. During the week Tourism Train is an express commuter train on the Khayelitsha line and it then transforms into the Edu-train during off-peak hours, where schoolchildren become its guests. Then on Saturdays,…