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When I worked at the clothing factory in Lansdowne

On my way to work, I was listening to Aden Thomas on Heart 104.9's Breakfast show. Aden and Julian were having great fun reminiscing about the jobs they had as youngsters. The listeners who phoned in to relate their 'horror' stories had me laughing out loud at times. I liked the story of the listener who told us about her first job at the Mount Nelson washing glasses all the time. That was her only duty - washing glasses upon glasses. The listener said that when she received her one and only tip of R100 on a day, she gave up her day job immediately. Working at Paroda Clothing factory Of course, this conversation triggered  my memory of my stint at the clothing ( underwear) factory, Paroda, in Lansdowne when I was in first year at varsity. My mom was a machinist for years at this factory and well-liked by many of her fellow workers because she was also their shop steward. I remember begging my mom to ask the manager if I could work there at the end of the year. Finally,