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Celebrating women at Bollywood Cafe in Long Street

Levona and I had just spent a wonderful evening at Bollywood Cafe in Long Street. It was all about celebrating women, although the food at Bollywood Cafe was a strong competitor. We attended a Women's Empowerment Circle that is being established by Michele, a friend whom I had met at Christiaan Barnard Hospital. Sharing our communal meal The event was colorful and vibrant from the decor right through to the dress code and the Indian cuisine. The restaurant menu is diverse and the dishes are extremely well-priced. The curry thali dishes are divine. Levona ordered the vegetarian curry while I chose the lamb curry thali. The thali is a meal that is made up of a selection of different delicacies. The food is served on a platter which has a few compartments and small  bowls line the borders of this platter tray.  The curries, chutney, vegetables and sauces are placed in these small bowls while the rice and a pappadam form the centerpiece. Bollywood Cafe  also serves a generous

We need those Friendship Warriors to organize socials or reunions.

Back Row: Peter and Sharon. Centre Row: Ian, Brian, Avril, Cheryl, Vincent, Sybil, Richard. Front Row: Judy and Kenny I suppose you also have a friend or couple that will help to nurture friendships so that people don't lose contact. Our friends, Avril and Vincent are the Friendship Warriors. Their DNA is wired to connect old classmates or friends of yesteryear.  Be warned though; anything can spark off a social or a reunion for these Friendship Warriors. As life would have it, Avril bumped into Ian, one of our classmates of yesteryear.  Ian, our  then classmate since primary school, returned to our South African shores to attend his father's funeral. Ian has exchanged his South African roots for snowy, Canadian ones. Ian probably enquired about the rest of us. Before he knew what hit him, Avril and Vincent volunteered to get the gang together before our dear friend disappeared north again. Facebook buzzed, friends were hunted down and the reunion was going to b

My Radiation treatment is done and dusted.

Hooray. I have finally completed the 30-session course of radiation. I now no longer have trek to the GVI Oncology unit in Rondebosch  every single week day. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had a five-day booster, where the radiation targets the area where the cancer tumour was. The effects of the radiotherapy on the breast are clearly visible. The area looks burnt, like a grenadilla as I mentioned to the doctor. I also experience a kind of burning, throbbing sensation sporadically, which is rather uncomfortable and painful. I was told that the radiation is still active for about ten days after the last treatment session. It was like being placed in a microwave oven, as my Kiwi friend, Yolanda, described it.  So true, I thought. Radio waves are no child's play... Celebrating the last session of radiation treatment. Keyring that my darling sister, Levona, blessed me with. My last session of radiation treatment was celebrated in style. Early the Wednesday morni