It's been a year since I had breast cancer and life is good.

Ayesha (far right), my past student and now wonderful radiologist, posing with me after the mammogram and ultrasound moments.
On 18 May, it was a year after I had a lumpectomy.  As you will recall, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the option my surgeon, Dr Edge, recommended was a lumpectomy. Fortunately, there was no evidence of spreading after the binodal biopsy and thus I had to only go for radiation after the operation.

The year had flown past. Just the other day, my family and I were dealing with all the visits to the hospital for the lumpectomy, the 30 daily sessions of radiation and then the recovery period. In fact, our lives went back to normal pretty soon after this trauma and life has been good.

Sometimes when certain well-meaning folk enquire about my health whenever they see me, my mischievous streak hovers below the surface. When they ask , "And how is your health  now?" their voices drop, their mouths contort  and I get that " I hope I look sympathetic enough" glance. I struggle hard not to mirror them and I am often tempted to tell them we may need a doctor on standby - for them!

When 18 May arrived this year, I kept quiet because I didn't want to celebrate anything until I had seen my oncologist, Dr Greg Hart and had gone for the annual mammogram.  We also had our trip planned for Durban. I was not going to spoil it with any depressing news. No matter how much faith I have and how strong I am, there is always that nagging feeling that my journey may not be as smooth as I would like to believe it is. 

My visit to Doctor Hart was pleasant. Everybody was happy to see me, even Dr Holtshauser, the medical officer who oversaw my radiation treatment. They teased about the 'blogger lady' and I reminded them to be at their best because I take no responsibility for what goes in print after my visits. I popped in at the radiology room as well to say hello to Kulthum and all the beautiful folk there.  We agreed to go on a supper date after Ramadan so that I could get all the lowdown of Kulthum's studies and Raheema's engagement. A lot happens in one year.

Then after having a glorious four days in sunny Durban, I finally made my trip to Constantiaberg Medi-clinic for the mammogram.  I was apprehensive. The last time I walked in there, I had a mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy and you know the rest. Ayesha, one of the radiologists there and also one of my past students, was again on duty as the last time.

The mammogram was clear, but I had to go for an ultrasound as well. Apparently this will be the normal annual routine after my breast cancer.  The ultrasound showed that all was clear as well and I left there a very happy woman.

I have much to celebrate. I am abundantly blessed, Basil and I are celebrating our 31st anniversary and my birthday is winking on the horizon. 

I will continue with the hormone therapy and will continue to boost my immune system as I have been doing this past year.  And, I will continue to live joyfully and abundantly because I have been born to serve where I am needed. Life is good!

Mr and Mrs Gatsby with Bella looking on!


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