Steenberg Primary celebrates their jubilee anniversary

There are so many celebrations happening this week. Steenberg Primary School has had their 60th Anniversary Thanksgiving service today.  All the speakers and performers are directly connected to the school - either as an alumnus, past principal or educator.  And of course, Lavinia, Lameez and Derrick, three of our principals are also there to celebrate with Cassy, her staff and her community.

The Deep roots of Steenberg Primary
All the important people celebrating Steenberg Primary School's 60th Anniversary

One of the speakers is Mr Herbert, a past principal. Mr Herbert takes us on a fascinating trip down memory lane, explaining that the kaleidoscope of the historical mural of Steenberg Primary is a rich one; a history that is rooted in the apartheid repressive era and a symbol of people's resistance and resilience to pursue the path of education for liberation.  We hear how Steenberg Primary started out as a 'plankie' school and how the school had successfully got the City council to condemn the prefabricated building as a health and safety risk.      We are told that the school was opened on 15 July 1952. Pastor Keet also added that at the time Eisenhowser was the US president, Churchill was head of state in England and Malan was South Africa's Prime minister when Steenberg Primary opened its doors.  It was also the year when Queen Elizabeth became queen.  What a rich history interwoven with the global timeline as well.
Top: Cassy Dick, Principal of Steenberg Primary
Bottom frame: Learner ushers with art display in the background.

An alumnus, Sandra Fortuin, shares her story

Another speaker, Sandra Fortuin, now a Deputy Director at WCED, speaks proudly of her strong links with Steenberg Primary school. She was a student there, then as a young teacher before she spread her wings and climbed the career ladder.Her main message was also one of hope and of creating models of possibility so that others can aspire to reach their goals in life.

Both Sandra Fortuin and Dick Herbert spoke about the symbolic significance of all the symbols that constitute the school badge. We hear the 'H' stands for humility - be humble in victory, gracious in defeat. The lamp is a clear symbol of lighting the path for others.  I simply loved this exposition and hope someone is going to share excerpts of these messages with the children.
Celebrating with Cassy and her staff

Entertainment shows 'local is lekker'

The Steenberg High Jazz band is impressive with their rendition, Mujaheed Damon is brilliant with his interpretation of 'You raise me up' and Dalcha Davids' spiritual dance to The Prayer fuse into a tapestry of youth brilliance, power and possibility.

All's well that ends well
Mothers Who Care Prayer Group

The Thanksgiving service is well organised and Terence is the master compere - weaving all the activities into   a entertaining, rich experience.
Snapshots of staff members and friends of Steenberg Primary

Our congratulations to the staff, learners and community of Steenberg Primary school. Continue to be a beacon of hope and resilience for the broader Steenberg community.


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