Spending quality time with our children - sometimes on their terms

Our children determine the quality time agenda at times

When our children become teenagers, they slowly start shifting away from us. I am sure we are all too familiar with the signs: the irritation with all those supposed faux paus we make - laughing too loudly, not 'getting it', not cooking the right foods, not enjoying life - just about everything that was fine not too long ago.  Our own children are no different. And, when they wish to include us in their activities, I jump at these opportunities!

Weekend nicknaks 

This weekend was no different. Each of the Lewinsky trio had their own plans and somehow we were roped in at junctures which they determined. Brett and his lil' family had a movie day in front of the fireplace. All movie snacks and homemade burger rolls travelled to our bedroom at various intervals. Sasha was at Tyler's place where she and her friends worked on one of the items on their bucket list. They too had a movie night, watching some chick flick which they could cross off the humungous list they had compiled.

Oxy was performing a gig at Jolly Rogers and we were invited to watch Christo play in their punk rock band, Oxy. Thus, despite the pelting rain, we donned our winter wraps and rushed off to catch Oxy in action. And, when Oxy starts playing, the drummer's mother finds her spot and aims her humungous Ipad at the stage to record the performance - oblivious of all bopping youngsters who enjoy the chemistry and the punk sounds of Oxy.

Sunday after lunch is Fleamarket time

And then today arrived with Sasha demanding to spend time with her mom. She wants to go to the Fleamarket in Muizenberg, she announced as we prepared to go to church.  We need to spend time together, she says. ( Hypocrite; I know she probably wants something... she just arrived this morning after spending the night at Tyler's place!).  Well, what does a mother do when her sixteen year old cries foul for lack of attention? You speed through the meal and you go where the teenager wants to be. So, off we trek to Muizenberg fleamarket after lunch.

Muizenberg Flea market

At Muizenberg Fleamarket

The fleamarket was abuzz with people and cars. It seemed everybody targeted the place after lunch!  We started out at the far side - closest to the ocean and wove our way down the aisles. Everybody seemed to be selling boots, caps, scarves and thick winter stockings. I bought a cap, four identical pairs of socks for Basil - a brilliant move given that all their socks go a-hunting, and a set of dish cloths. 

When we arrived at one of the stalls selling cosmetics, Sasha ground to a halt. Yep, there are the nail varnishes waiting to go home with the new owner. Sasha chose a bright blue and black nail polish while I select the conservative silver. Then Ms "wanting to spend time with Mom" saw a track pants that became a 'must have' and that was the end of our cash spree. 

Off to the Spur for dessert

Mom and daughter armed with their dessert
On our way home, we made a detour to the Spur restaurant for some dessert. While we waited for our decadent treats - a sundae with pecan nuts for Sasha and a waffle with all the extras for me - we painted our nails with the newly acquired colours.

We polished off our desserts in 12 minutes flat - laughing in disgust as we realised we must have beaten the record for wolfing down these treats. 

Girly fun while waiting for the dollops of creamy waffle.
Lovely prelude to siesta...

When we arrived home, Sasha gave her dad a quick run down of our fun outing while I launched my new beanie and dove under the duvet for my traditional siesta...

I won't trade my kids in soon!


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