Birthday Celebrations are special, even for adults

Birthdays remind us we are alive and special
Birthdays are super special events, even for adults who somehow dread celebrating their big day. Thanks to the various social media platforms we subscribe to and the personalized approach that our cellphone service providers, our medical aid schemes and even the retail stores have adopted, our birthdays have gone viral!. A few of the stores even throw in a gift voucher or points for you to use.
The Executor aka Christo reading the last Will and Testament of Rocky Cockinis Senior
I can almost hear those naggers complaining that their birthdays are private affairs; that most of the messages are automated and that they don’t make much of their own birthdays now that they are grownups. He..llo… why would you want to privatise your birth day when the entire universe celebrated your birth at the time, sending spectacular energies to all and sundry to announce your arrival? Did you not too, come screaming into the world when you sucked in your first breath of air into your lungs, bellowing your arrival?
 Birthday wishes come in all shapes and sizes
I think we should embrace all birthday wishes, even if they are automated.  We are missing the point to quibble about the nature and delivery of these wishes. The fact is that people are celebrating with you and thinking of you on the day. You are the recipient of millions of positive energies flowing your way as friends and family send you a text. Isn’t this an amazing affirmation of you?

 Receiving the birthday message alerts

Thankfully and graciously, I love to celebrate my birthday and I receive all the generous well wishes with gratitude. Every ping on my phone would alert me to another round of well wishes and I would personally acknowledge each message. It is humbling that people will take time off from their busy schedules to send you a message. They didn’t have to do this, but they do because they want to share their warm thoughts and blessings with you.  Overwhelming stuff… ubuntu in action, I’d say.
Top: all the family actors: Reagan, Riko, Nazeer, Danielle, Letitia, Sasha, Christo, Kristen
Bottom: apology from Estate Agent, Bernard Hunters aka Craig,
Netted: Scarlet aka Desiree, Pat aka Ricardo and Marilyn Hardy aka Levona posing with hostess aka Sharon and the kids
Birthday celebrations
On the home front, my family and I created the bedroom and murder scene for my birthday party. The theme for this year’s social was a Murder Mystery written by yours truly. The dress code was pyjamas. Our children are amazing and they buy in completely to the silliness. Even Basil, always the ABS brake system at times like these, donned a Pink Panther look for his character!  There was so much fun and the level of improvisation was absolutely amazing. One of the characters, Bernard Hunters, the estate agent, (aka Craig) even  tendered an apology for his absence on a personalized name board!

Top Picture: Marilyn is accusing the Assistant Librarian (Erica) while the 'deaf' hostess reads something. The head librarian (Devine) believes she was 'framed'.
Bottom Frame Left: The Lewinsky bunch and Bottom Frame Right: The Johnson clan.
   All Birthdays are special
Some advice to the birthday-shy folk:  At all times, celebrate your life, your gifts and your blessings. Give thanks to the Lord for still sparing you, allowing you to continue being a servant to others and sharing your gifts to help others grow as well. Every birthday is a milestone, a momentous event, so gather your friends and family and let your hair down on Your Day.
Marilyn (Aka Levona) sobbing over 'hubby' Rocky Junior's body.
Back row: Vanessa, Reagan,Riko, Nazeer, Christo, Danielle, Sasha and Kristen - all in 'shock'.

The Plumber aka Brett reading out his confession while Marilyn aka Levona, Pat Cashmere aka Riardo and Estate staff member Letitia listen attentively. 

The photographer aka Naomi interviewing Scarlet aka Desiree about her whereabouts on the day Rocky Junior, was 'murdered'.
  Happy Birth Day to all of you, whenever that important day is…


  1. Great Piece MRS Lewin.a fantastic birthday memory into your history book.

  2. Thanks, Cassie. It is always good to spice up our lives. I am now challenging you to do something different for your birthday, Lol...

  3. I lost my comment! Waaaaahhhhh

  4. I will try again. Friend, friend, friend! How you managed to to scheme your way past that unsuspecting family of yours is astounding. You have set the benchmark for parties yet to come. At least your family will now fear you ageing, wondering whether they become hapless victims by invitation only. A real cloak and daggers mystery of note. How you managed to get Basil into that pink pj's is astounding. What do you have on that naysayer? Poor Riccardo must have heard hundreds of confessions before, but none as unconvincing as Brett's. Who would have trouble believing that interloper (Devinity). It seems a great deal of fun was had by all.

  5. Keith, thanks. I too seem to have lost my responses to you. Again, in short: brilliant commentary -from the conversant spoof creator, Lol...


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