My Facebook friends

"Outjies": Afrikaans colloquial word for buds, friends, pals, etc.
A few of the fbers who keep me entertained
My facebook newsfeed is eerily quiet. There is just a soft murmur of a weather update by weather reporter, JE, not even the temperature degrees this morning.

Oops, I spoke too soon. My eyewitness reporters merely had a later shift today. There we go. JJ must have had a real weirdo who took the olly out of 'Jolly' and this Ollywhatsisname must have spoilt the Christmas gees (spirit). "Why is there always ONE who takes the olly out of Jolly, " JJ laments. Do you also have one, he continues. Yes, there are, according to the 49 likes and 14 comments thus far.

Then I see there is an invasion of flies harassing LT and NJ. Serves them right; they probably did not invite their winged friends to the Christmas lunch, covering all the food with those pop-up food lace coverings bought at the robots at Kenilworth or elsewhere.

"Hier gaan 'n rasige vlieg 'n wrede dood sterf innie kamer!!! ( soon a noisy fly is going to die a horrific death, politely translated), rants LT. Up pops the red number 1 on the FB globe icon, signalling the arrival of another post. This post is from NJ. "Any ideas about how to get a fly out of one's' ear? Literally!!. " uhmm... This is serious business. Watch all the punctuation marks in spaces where they would normally not be tolerated. Next there is a flurry of advice to deal with this menace. Yoh... Yoh... Yoh... Can see the headline trailers giving us wall to wall updates on the the skyrocketing fly fatalities. Step aside, Justin Bieber, your retirement is not on our radar now...

Besides these triggers that get my buds irritated or angry, facebook is rather mellow, like a slow jamming session on Heart 104.9 with Clarence Ford. I suppose my fbers are finally feeling the weight of the the past year. I grant them this reprieve, this going nowhere slowly because my moodswings also need to calibrate now.
Another collage of FB eyewitness reporters in my life

Not too long ago I wanted to throttle LP's camping neighbours in Stilbaai. They insisted on playing 60s music and she said she "gaan 'n aanval kry". (Get a fit, hopefully one while the Beatles are playing and not one of pre-Jim Reeves). And when NI bellowed, probably while puckering his cheeks and drilling his eyes into the back of his skull, CONTRAST....... Qunu... Nkandla... I somehow knew this servant leader, community soccer diehard, was livid. Yes, yes, I remember shouting and punching in my 'like': you go NI!  I even forgave EM for saying "something's burning' because come January, I will be traveling with him and his family to Hartebeesfontein or some remote town in South Africa and I need us to be friends still.

Then there's CN who now takes me on regular trips round the peninsula, from the penguin colony at Boulders to the white beach sand at Sea Point and TJ who is always shouting: " I must share this lol!!!!! from somewhere in the East and inevitably trying to find a home for some lost dog .

 I love my regular trips to the US with J&K, eating at restaurants or having candlelit South African dinners in Obamaland. If I want to know where the world's top team, Liverpool, is on the league tables, I merrily search for HP and SJ's feeds and my never ending inspirational nuggets are sourced mainly from DCSS, ZS and SS's regular feeds.

Yes, my Facebook friends provide me with a potpourri of newsie stuff.  Sometimes the information is too much then I just tune out for a while. But generally, they keep the goings-on more current than most other sources of news.

"Wragtig" ( closest English equivalent, but without the punch and sauciness of the Afrikaans language: "absolutely"). - as JJ would say, to all yer facebookers: keep up the good work.  I will definitely book my seat at the Facebook TV for yonks while you still rock my world.


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