Our learner driver takes us on a Sunday drive

The weather is perfect for an afternoon drive . The fun is that Sasha, our latest learner driver, is behind the wheel, with Dad, the instructor, in the passenger seat. At the back is Mommy dearest and brother, Christo. Our poor pitbull, Bella, probably cursed me for taking her seat this time .

I was chuffed with Sasha 's driving skills and the confidence she displayed. She has only been on the road for the fourth time today yet the gear changes are relatively smooth. Now and then I hear Basil's soft voice, almost whispering. Then Sasha responds in an equally soft tone, looking ever so lovingly at her Dad and doing whatever he has said. 

I felt a bit like a guest , no, more like an onlooker observing this father-daughter interlude. Christo was equally chilled, filled with admiration that baby Sis is a 'cool' learner driver. 

Golly, time really flies. It was just the other day when our princess arrived in grand style to take up her place in our family. Now she is in her final year at school and ready to become a licensed driver.

Exciting times for all of us...


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