Find reasons to dance to the rhythm of real life

Blouvlei LSEN's talented dancers


I wonder how many of you remember that saying: "stop the world, I wanna get off"? Compared to our pace nowadays, that expression was an exaggeration at the time.


The world is on speed dial. We meet each new day, with a hangover of our busyness of the day before. There is no time to pause, because...


From the minute you wake up, you are confronted with the big rush.


  • Traffic snarls past you with their occupants looking harassed and sleep deprived.
  • Your mailbox shouts at you with sender requests to deal with issues raised NOW.
  • Songs playing on the radio are cut short to make way for commercials or traffic updates.



We need to start a SLOW DOWN revolution, fast. We need to learn how to channel our energies to dance to the rhythm of real living.


Let us start now.


Take time to enjoy the flowers and the trees in gardens, along the roadside and in unexpected places.

Listen to the various bird calls in your neighbourhood.

Doodle on a sheet of paper.

Sit in the sun or lie on a grass patch.

Google silly jokes and laugh out loud.


Do whatever it takes to slow down and find spaces to express the wonder and the beauty of YOU.


Create your own world of dancing expressions TODAY.



Find reasons to celebrate life, to be alive...








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