Make time for yourself

Khoi fish

Are you aware of all the beauty that surrounds us? If you are like me, you are probably also drawn to all the things that can sap our energies. Our family and work lives become so busy that we miss the splendour that surrounds us. But, I am making a concerted effort to find more time to do things that are soul-inspiring.


My passion for taking pictures has raised my awareness of my surroundings. I became excited when I saw this sleeping turtle dove, perched on a yucca leaf. I spent a while watching this turtle dove and tried to study its beak, head and the various feathers.

No matter where you look, there will be some form of plant life that can energise you. The shape of a tree trunk, the smell of freshly-mowed grass or even wild flowers that grow in open spaces are there to lift your spirit. Flowers in bloom have a magnetic pull. Here I posted a picture of one of our indigenous plants, the sterilitzia. The intricate design of the sterilitzia enhances its beauty. We should pause and drink in this natural work of art, to lift our moods.

Bird resting


Have you noticed how birds balance their lives? Sometimes birds fly in groups as they visit various areas. They would chirp away while they dance in the air, swoop to the ground to feed or hover near bird baths to grab a shower. At other times, a bird would break away from the crowd. The bird would revel in its solitude for a while, like the one in the picture above. There the solitary bird sat in the tree, not moved by our barking dog below and the tree hopping of other birds in the trees adjacent to this one.


We should also learn to find our quiet spaces away from distractions like work and the invasive noises of our busy world. Once we have found our happy place, our eyes and ears will be receptive to the beauty which surrounds us.


We deserve to nurture ourselves. Being swamped in the drudgery of our daily grind without stopping to refuel our psyches, is pure negligence. We deserve to live fully, don't you think?




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