You may not be eating Chocolate even if it looks like chocolate

Is it chocolate or candy?


The chocolate industry reads like a suspense novel filled with lies, greed and corruption. The bad guys are the ones who use a smattering of cocoa and tons of GM ingredients to concoct a chocolate. The good guys are the chocolatiers where chocolate making is a handcrafted art in a world where organic, sustainable farming and fair trade are non-negotiables.


Apparently, all chocolate is not equal. The dark chocolate with a minimum percentage of 70% cocoa is the quality, nutritious chocolate. It is this chocolate that is brimming with minerals and fibre. Eating it moderately, it can help regulate your blood sugar, lower your risks for strokes, pump you with antioxidants and lift your mood.


Then there is the other poser, say the purists.


This dark, milk chocolate has a low cocoa content. These generics drown in sugars, milk solids, artificial sweeteners and emulsifiers. The poor white chocolate is a freak of nature. Emotions run high in the world of chocolates.


"They should be called candy bars," said chocolate purist blogger, whose blog background was an ominous green.


Well, after I had eaten this 'horrible' chocolate fudge lying seductively next to me, I will start reading chocolate labels.







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