There is no mid-life crisis.


Whoa... What is this nonsense that you are in a mid-life crisis when you hit 50?


A crisis means there is a BIG PROBLEM. Like ESKOM's power cuts or the petrol price increases. Okay, there are 50-plus irritations like hot flushes, creaking bones and just enough energy to watch others do marathons and zip-gliding. But there is STILL no catastrophe, guys. How can there be a crisis when you reach the mid point in your life?


When we are born, we come kicking and screaming into this world, ready to give anybody a karate chop. As we age, we give constipated smiles and complain. Then we say we have 'arrived'.


I know where all this delusionary stuff comes from. Some lonely,Puritan sicko sat in his dark room, with his head bowed over a bowl of castor oil- infused steam and declared a mid-life crisis for his Ph.D.


Mid-life birth days means You are having a revival.


So don your 5cm hat, put on your dancing shoes and sing with James Brown:


'Wo! I feel good, I knew that I wouldn't of

Wo! I feel nice, like sugar and spice

So nice, so nice, I got (life)!'





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